University sites

The Université libre de Bruxelles is located on several campuses and other sites. You will find below their addresses as well as itineraries and access maps.

In Brussels

The Solbosch Campus @lcsmchl-instagram

  • The Solbosch campus, the University's main location, houses the University's administration and many facilities and services. Most Faculties of human sciences are based here, as well as the Faculty of Applied Sciences, the Human Sciences Library and among the ULB museums: the Zoology museum and the contemporary art centre.

  • The Plaine campus, situated at less than a mile from the Solbosch site, accommodates many science departments as the Faculty of Pharmacy and the Faculty of Sciences are based there.

  • The Erasme campus houses the Erasmus Hospital, the Health Pole (i.e. the Medical School, the School of Public Health, the Faculty for Motor Sciences, the Faculty of Pharmacy being settled at Plaine) as well as the School of Nursing, which is run by ULB and Haute École libre de Bruxelles Ilya Prigogyne.

In Wallonia