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Title: CCET- Sustainable Transport in CEE Cities
Parent: OECD
Description: What are the principal urban transport issues facing cities in Central and Eastern Europe? Motor vehicle traffic is growing dramatically in these cities, resulting in congestion, air pollution, and other environmental, economic and social problems. As these cities struggle to cope, they are also adapting their public transport systems to meet changing requirements and severe budget constraints. Within a context of changing social and economic conditions, national policy makers and city managers are striving to develop new policy approaches and stable sources of financing which will have important implications for the environment, social conditions, and economic growth of cities.
Originator: OECD
Publishing_Date: 1996
Publisher: OECD
ISBN: 92-821-1211-X
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Size: 429pp
Metadata_Contact: Bruno Kestemont
Metadata_Date: 1997/04/03
Metadata_Source: CCET - Sustainable Transport in CEE Cities
Expert analyses and case studies offer a variety of policy initatives and recommendations for addressing these problems.