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Object_Type: activity
Object_Type: programme
Title: 4FP
Description: Strategic research for a trans-European multimodal network (definition, demonstration and validation): To improve the efficiency of the European transport system as a whole with different modal components. Research is subdivided into five areas of investigation: - Understanding mobility (passengers and goods); - Developing intermodality; - Economics of the transport system; - System orgnization and interoperability; - Integration of new technologies; - Policy assessment. Network optimization: Research into the internal optimization of each mode of transport: - Railways (traffic management, safety, interoperability of national systems); - Integrated transport chains (transshipment of goods, logistics); - Air transport (air traffic management, air traffic safety); - Urban transport (ecological traffic management, safety management, - optimization of road use, design of transport points to improve accessibility to towns, measures to promote public transport); - Maritime transport and inland waterways (maritime traffic management, - safety, environmental protection, integration of new generic technologies, - safety and environmental considerations, organization, human resources); - Road transport (traffic management, logistics and safety).
Place_Keywords: Europe
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