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Title: Trams in Belgium: index page
Description: Unofficial Website. Belgium used to have - sigh - an unparalleled network of trams and light railways, taken for granted whether you were for, against or indifferent. "The railway statistics for 1912 show a total of 5401 miles of lines, of which about 2500 are light railways. With the exception of 215 miles or so the railways are State-owned, and are managed less with a view to securing revenue than with the desire to confer the maximum benefit on the country they serve." Frank Maclean, 'Belgium', T.C. & E.C. Jack The vicinal (light railway) lines have now disappeared, if you exclude the line along the heavily built-up coast, and so have the majority of the town systems. All is not lost, however: trams are still part of the everyday public transport system along the coast and in four towns. There are also several museums to remind you how things were or to spur your imagination; some of them only have static exhibits, others offer the chance to ride a preserved tram. These pages give you a little information on places where you can ride on or look at trams in Belgium. Description of five networks (Antwerp, Brussels, Charleroi, Ghent, Knokke - Ostend - De Panne), links to museums.
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