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Title : UFSIA Transport Department
Description: The University of Antwerp (UA) is unique in its form and consists of three institutions, of which UFSIA is one.Co-operation between these universities started in 1971. UFSIA is one of Flanders' most distinguished universities, it has arich history of international co-operation and combines high-quality research and education. UFSIA offers Applied economics, as well as the first cycle courses of the Arts (Languages, History, Philosophy), Law, and Political & SocialStudies. The Faculty of Applied Economics is one of the largest and most famous in the country (approx. 2600 students). In addition to the usual specialisations of a Faculty of Applied Economics such as Finance, Information Systems, Marketing,General Economics, Quantitative Economics and International Business, a specialisation and three Master degrees in Transport economics are offered. Links to transportation ressources.
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Acronym: UFSIA Transport Department
Address: Prinsstraat 13
Postal_Code: 2000
City : Antwerpen
Country: Belgium
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