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Title: "RUCA", University of Antwerp, Belgium - The Department of Transport Economics and Policy
Description: EDUCATION In association with the other universities in Antwerp (UFSIA and UIA) and the port sector, the Department of Transport Economics and Policy offers a broad array of transportation courses, including:A) a Mastership in Transport and Maritime Management (English programme - one year) in the framework of the Institute of Transport and Maritime Management Antwerp (ITMMA) B) a postgraduate course in maritime sciences (Dutch programme - 1 year) C) a graduate course in transport economics as a part of the programme in Applied Economics (Dutch programme - four years). RESEARCH The scientific activities of the Department of Transport Economics and Policy primarily focus on determining the relationships between public policy and transport economics and more in particular the application of alternative policy instruments and policy formation procedures.The Department of Transport Economics and Policy regularly acts as consultant in transport economics to private and public organisations. Many of these studies include the application of Cost Benefit Analyses, Economic Impact Studies, Multi-Criteria Analyses, Strategic Positioning Analysis and other transport management analyses. The main objective of virtually all these studies is related to the issue of (in)effectiveness and (in)efficiency of transport policy and management. Recently, the department also engaged in scientific research into the effectiveness of environmental policy. The Department of Transport Economics and Policy is actively involved in several interuniversitary cooperation programs in the field of scientific research.
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