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Title: International Institute for Surface Transportation Policy Studies
Acronym: IISTPS
Description: The International Institute for Surface Transportation Policy Studies (IISTPS) was established by Congress at San Jose State University as part of the Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act of 1991 (ISTEA). Unique among the nation's six University Transportation Institutes, IISTPS focuses on international surface transportation policy issues as related to three primary responsibilities: research, education and technology transfer. IISTPS receives policy oversight from an internationally respected Board of Trustees who represent all of the major transportation modes.
ISTPS' research aim is to provide policy-oriented research, available to all levels of government and the private sector, to foster the development of optimum surface transportation systems. Emphasis is on the conduct and dissemination of transportation-related research in such areas as finance, social equity, environment, statutory, regulatory, and institutional. Periodically IISTPS will publish the results of its own and other relevant research for the U.S. and international transportation communities.
The educational goal of IISTPS is to encourage students of diverse socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds to seek careers in the development and operation of surface transportation programs. Following a thorough needs assessment review of the transportation industry, San Jose State University is developing a M.S. in Transportation Policy and Management for approval in 1996. In addition, the College of Business will offer a Transportation Management Specialization through the MBA program for students seeking transportation management careers.
IISTPS has developed and maintains a state-of-the-art electronic information storage, retrieval, and transfer system. Those interested in the Institute's work and advancements in the field of surface transportation policy studies can be kept posted via e-mail as part of the Internet services or through the IISTPS Home Page. IISTPS 's Home Page is part of a Caltrans sponsored homepage called TransWeb that will provide electronic accesss to IISTPS' newsletters and research reports, projects and other information.
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