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Sustainable Mobility Information System

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The index herebelow regroup informations relevant to the field of sustainable mobility according to different themes.

The informations regrouped in these indexes are extracted from different subsets of the SMIS: eurostat, cordis, ceese, sstc, gfg, jmr, Langzaam Verkeer VZW, Metadatabase Intrans


Informations Sources

Geographic Coverage

following the links in this classication, you will find the index actors, information diffusion and themes related to mobility focused on the geographic coverage.
informations directly related to our country (people, pages, documents,...)
European Union: 
informations from countries of the European Union (Belgium included) but focused on European programs
Other Countries: 
informations from countries outside the European Union


list of persons in the SMIS, and involved in sustainable mobility (researcher, specialist, expert,..)
Politics decision makers and governemental actors
Governemental institutions and offices
International organisations: 
informations about organisations active in different countries (EU, commercial, NGO's,...)
informations about non governemental organisations active in sustainable mobility.
informations about universities, centre of research, academic institutions...

Information diffusion

Databases and sources of information
WWW sites and HTML documents 
list of the publications archivied in our system
list of conferences, meetings, mailing list related to Sustainable Mobility
informations from commercial sources (editors, newspapers, commercial websites,...)

Themes related to mobility

research programs in relation with the concept of sustainable mobility 
Road transport Urban transport
Railway transport Public transport
Air transport Sea and inland navigation
sources about the problematics of mobility and energy consumption
Mobility needs energy and this involve air pollution, green house effect, degradation to the environment,...
how to amenage the country in order to limitate the needs in mobility
(factors, programs,documents,...)
Sociologic and human factors: 
different sources about the human factor and his impact in the problematic of mobility
related to the environment and the sustainable development
General theme of sustainable mobilty 
records related to general mobility but not relevant to any of the subclasses 

Other ways to find information in and about our system:

Overview of the project, in english or en français

Alphabetical list

Master files compilation (complete metadatabase) for full text search in the SMIS, using your browser search function, in your edition menu select Find and choose your term of search. Soon a search engine will be available at the other site from our partner KULeuven (see below).

Search all Internet, using advanced search with popular search engines (AltaVista, Excite, ...)

Subsets, are the SMIS parts provided by each partners

Academic institutions, Alphabetic list of the academic services and institutions having a record in the SMIS

Activities and conferences, alphabetical list of the activities and conferences present in the SMIS

Databases, alphabetical list of the databases present in the SMIS

Documents, alphabetical list of the documents present in the SMIS

Non Academic institutions, Alphabetic list of the non academic services and institutions having a record in the SMIS

Persons, alphabetical list of all the persons having a record in the SMIS

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The standard interchange format: Since now, you can describe your sources following the questionnaire presented here (answer only the relevant questions, repeat fields if necessary)
The technical manual explains how to use this standard questionnaire and links to the international metadata standards used. A very simplified and clear memo is here (link to standards used for each question).
If you use accents (e.g. for French é), it is better to use a html editor (FrontPage, NetscapeGold, ...). You can either keep your standard description on your server (then, the Identificator should be the complete URL of this original metadata description), and inform us on its existence, either send us a copy of this file so that we can keep it on our server. 
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