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Research center
Transport model
Other Transportation-Related Sites - (Source)
Sustainable development - Indicators - Air Quality - Analyses longitudinales
Donald Carchon's Bookmarks
Institutions publiques belges
Site Européen & OECD
Mobility Models developped in Transport RTD Program
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Research center 

BASt Federal highway Research Institute 
The Belgian Road Research Centre's Home Page 
The BureauofTransportationStatistics(BTS) National Transportation Library 
DLR- German Aerospace Research Establishment 
GRT  (Groupe recherche et transport) FNDP
IIASA Home Page 
IIASA- Publications Catalog - Urban Studies 
Indic-Airviro. Air Quality Management Systems 
Infrastructure and Planning (Royal Institute of Technology) 
Institute of Transport Studies Sydney 
International Road Federation 
KTH (Royal Institute of Technology), Suède. 
MDS Transmodal - UK Home Page 
National Technical University of Athens 
Department of Transportation Planning and Engineering 
Norwegian Institute for Air Research 
Southampton-Transportation Research Group 
The Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute 
TheTraffic Simulation Group at the ZPR 
Trafikdage pa Aalborg Universitet Documents (danois) 
(British) Transport Research Laboratory: TRL home page 
UFSIA Transport department 
University of Dortmund - Electrical Engineering 
VictoriaTransport Policy Institute 
Western Norway Research Institute - ANNUAL REPORT 1995 INDEX 
Western Norway Research Institute. Nom et email 


User SKYNET site Transport 
TransportationResources - Conferences 
The Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) National Transportation Library 
TransportationRelated WWW Servers 
TheJournal of Transportation and Statistics - BTS 
OtherTranportation Libraries 
Other Transportation Related Sites  I
Other Transportation Related Sites  II


Transportet mobilité 

Transport model 

EMME2 INRO Home Page 
TRANSIMS - Intro page 
TRIPS Home Page 

Other Transportation-Related Sites


Conference Listings

APTA Conferences 
Conferences sponsored by the American Public Transit Association.< 
Princeton University - Conference Listings 
International listings from a number sources.< 
TRB Sponsored Conferences and Workshops 
Transportation Research Board conference listings.< 

Directories of Transportation Resources 

Yahoo! UK & Ireland - Business and Economy:Transportation 
Yahoo -- Business and Economy: Transportation 
Yahoo maintains an organized, searchable list of transportation sites on the Internet. Categories of information include air travel, commuting, companies, institutes, intelligent transportation systems, mailing lists, mass transit, organizations, traffic reports, trains and railroads, travel advisories, and trucking.< 
This directory includes a large number of national and international resources related to freight transportation, such as railroads, government organizations, laws and regulations, research programs, and software.< 
The Java Travel Cup 
This guide, maintained by Princeton University, includes Java-related transportation links. The directory includes applets and applications, papers, and Java directories.< 
WWW Virtual Library -- Transportation 
The Transportation Virtual Library is a Web service maintained by the Bureau of Transportation Statistics. It is an organized list of transportation resources on the Internet. Categories of resources include transportation libraries; GIS; journals; transportation modes; regional information; research and planning; traffic; colleges and universities; and commercial, government, and non-profit transportation organizations.< 


Transportation Libraries on the Internet 

Organizations (Advocacy, Membership, Non-profit)

AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety 
The AAA Foundation promotes research and education designed to prevent traffic crashes. This site includes research and consumer information, press releases, and links to other sites.< 
This site includes the AASHTO Journal, AASHTO Publications Bookstore, programs and services, meetings and events, and member information.< 
ACCESS - The Sustainable Transport Forum 
ACCESS aims to provide international discussion and exchange of materials and views regarding sustainable transport. This site includes event, program, and conference listings; resources; and research proposals.< 
Advanced Transit Association 
The Advanced Transit Association (ATRA) focuses on "unmet urban transportation needs and the ways in which advanced transit concepts can help satisfy them." This site includes information about ATRA's activities, publications, membership information, conferences, and related organizations and activities.< 
Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety 
Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety is an alliance of consumer, health, and safety groups and insurance companies and agents working together to make America's roads safer. This site includes background information, policy statements, fact sheets, and press releases.< 
American Public Transit Association 
The American Public Transit Association (APTA), the international association of mass transit interests, seeks to promote the use of public transportation and ensure the vitality of the transit industry. This site contains information about upcoming conferences, a "Washington Watch" (legislative reports, regulatory issues, etc.), Passenger Transport (transit news), publications ordering information, statistics, and a transit calendar.< 
ATSSA (American Traffic Safety Services Association) Safety Net 
ATSSA is a national trade association that represents companies and individuals in the traffic control business. This site includes meeting and event information, the Clearing House About Traffic Safety, government relations, and links to industry.< 
Bay Area Action - Electric Vehicle Project 
The aim of Bay Area Action's Electric Vehicle Project is to make available information about the conversion of cars to electric vehicles. This site contains information about the project, technical information, news items, Web links, and events.< 
Bicycle-Friendly Berkeley Coalition 
The Bicycle-Friendly Berkeley Coalition is concerned with making Berkeley, California a more bicycle-friendly city by helping to make bicycling safe, convenient and pleasant. This site includes organization goals, events, a form for reporting bike hazards, and a bicycle route map.< 
Center for Appropriate Transit (CAT) 
CAT is committed to community involvement in manufacturing, using, and advocating sustainable modes of transportation. This site includes information about projects, newsletter subscriptions, meeting room space, and a resource library.< 
Coalition for Vehicle Choice 
Coalition for Vehicle Choice is a non-profit organization created "to preserve the freedom of Americans to choose motor vehicles that meet their needs and their freedom to travel. This site includes background information; consumer tips; and information about fuel economy, environment, safety, and vehicle usage information.< 
CTAA on line 
The Community Transportation Association of America (CTAA) is an association of organizations and individuals committed to improving mobility for all people. CTAA contains information about the organization's activities, articles relevant to transportation implications of the Americans with Disabilities Act, articles from the <I>Community Transportation Reporter</I>, and a virtual buyer's guide.< 
Electric Auto Association 
The Electric Auto Association acts as a source of information to the public on the developments in electric automobile technology. This site includes links to EAA sites, a directory of EAA chapters, newsletter selections, and the EAA catalog.< 
INFORMS Transportation Science Section 
The Transportation Science Section is a division of INFORMS -- Institute for Operational Research and the Management Sciences -- that performs scientific research on all modes and aspects of transportation. The site includes information about the journal <I>Transportation Science</I>, the TSS mailing list, and announcements.< 
International Bicycle Fund 
The International Bicycle Fund promoted sustainable transport and international understanding through its urban planning, economic development, safety education, and educational travel programs. This site includes information about interest areas, publications, grants, publications, bicycle organization contacts, events and conferences, tours, and bicycle technology news.< 
Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) 
The Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) is an international educational and scientific association of transportation and traffic engineers, transportation planners and other professionals who are responsible for meeting mobility and safety needs. The site provides a complete description of the insitute purposes, meetings, councils, Districts, Sections, and Chapters, as well as programs and more.< 
ITS America 
The Intelligent Transportation Society of America (ITS America) is a forum for industry, government, and academia to develop and apply Intelligent Transportation Systems. The ITS America site contains information about intelligent transportation systems, meeting notices, a calendar of events, ITS-related Web sites, and national ITS system and architecture information. ITS America members also have access to newsletters, abstracts, and a membership directory.< 
ITS Consortium 
The ITS Consortium supports and promotes minority and disadvantaged participation in intelligent transportation systems. This site includes news, intern program information, project capabilities, partnership development, business applications, and a membership directory.< 
National Station Car Association 
The National Station Car Association is a technical non-profit corporation that guides the development, testing, and commercialization of the electric station car. This site contains information about station cars - electric vehicles driven to and from mass transit stations by transit riders - as well as descriptions of the station car demonstrations in the San Francisco Bay Area, South Florida, and Atlanta.< 
Rides for Bay Area Commuters 
Rides for Bay Area Commuters provides services and information about commute alternatives in the San Francisco Bay Area. This site contains information about carpool and vanpool ridematching, vanpool formation and support, transit referrals, bicycle buddy matching, and park and ride lots.< 
Sacramento Electric Vehicle Association (SEVA) 
SEVA is dedicated to promoting the electric vehicle as a viable means of transportation. This site includes meeting and membership information, newsletters, Web links, and other electric vehicle information.< 
San Francisco Bicycle Coalition 
The Bicycle Coalition aims to promote the use of the bicycle for everyday transportation. This site includes information about projects and accomplishments, a newsletter, and links.< 
Southern California Transit Advocates (SO.CA.TA) 
SO.CA.TA is a non-profit group dedicated to the promotion, development and improvement of public transportation in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. This site includes meeting information, Web links, and publications.< 
Transportation Management Association of San Francisco 
The Transportation Management Association is a non-profit organization of building owners and managers concerned with commuter issues. This site includes member services (accessible by password), transportation links, and news and information for commuters.< 
WCTR Society 
The WCTR (World Conference of Transportation Research) Society provides a forum for the interchange of ideas among transportation researchers, managers, policy makers, and educators. The WCTR site includes information about the organization, a membership directory, conference events, and information about the TRANSRECH (transportation economics and sociology) discussion list.< 
Western Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (WASHTO) 
This site includes WASHTO meeting agendas and minutes and the WASHTO Reference Guide.< 


Periodicals in the IISTPS Library and on the Internet 

Reference Sources 

Reference Sources on the Internet 

Root (to be classified) - Miscellaneous 

Jon Kerridge Professor in Computer studies 
SturmPeter-Johann, Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn., Univ.-Doz., Ass.-Prof. 
IIIEE homepage 
IntelligentTransportation Systems (ITS) Online 
ME&PConsultantsinLandUse and Transport Planning and Urban 
Ademe - Introduction générale 
ITEMAInstitutdeTecnologiai Modelització Ambiental 
Bienvenidoalservicioonlinede ImásD 


Sustainable development

Réseau Européen sur le Développement Durable 


Hart Environmental Data 
HartEnvironmental Data - Search the Indicator Database 

Air Quality

Air Quality Modeling 

Analyses longitudinales

Analyse de données longitudinales avec données manquantes


WebEc- The List of Economics Journals 
EconLit HOME 

Donald Carchon's Bookmarks 


Driving Know-How 
PREVENT - Institut pour la Prévention, la Protection et le Bien-être au travail (ancien ANPAT-NVVA) 
UCL/IRES - Uniform Nomenclature of Goods for Transport Statistics in the EU (NST 3 digits) 
STAD GENT - Openbare werken en verkeershinder in Gent 
STAD GENT - Transportmiddelen 

Transport : evenementen


WCTR's homepage 
The WWW Virtual Library: Conferences 

Urban transport and the environment for the 21st Century

De conferentie zelf 
Wessex institute of technology 
Ajuntament de Barcelona 
Transportation Research Board Calendar of Conferences and Workshops 
Transportation Resources - Conferences 

transport + transportbeleid + transportbeleidsorganen 

Homepage Ministerie van de Vlaamse Gemeenschap 
Transportation Resources 
Transportation - Automobile industry 
NMBS/SNCB, The Belgian Railways 
InterCity and InterRegio services NMBS/SNCB 
UNEP - the United Nations Environment Programme 
UN/DPCSD - Delegates' Workstation 


EEA: Environmental Links (links naar andere milieuinstanties, naar belangrijke documenten, ...) 
European Environment Agency 
BIM (Brusselse Milieumaatschappij) 
VMM (Vlaamse Milieumaatschappij) : HomePage 
Celinair home page nl : interregionale cel milieu 



Eurostat (RTD in Statistics DOSIS) : Transport 

Onderzoekgroepen : transportonderzoek 

DMD : onderzoekgroepen, ed

UCL/SC - Departement de geologie et de geographie (GEO) 

Project SMIS : deel KULeuven

ULB : SMG (Vincke) 
UFSIA phone books 
K.U.Leuven : Dep. Architectuur, Stedebouw en Ruimtelijke Ordening (A.S.R.O.) - K.U.Leuven 
FUNDP : GRT Brève présentation (Toint, Cornelis, ...) 
UCL Institut de Statistique 
Welcome to the FuCam (Beuthe) 
K.U.Leuven Fac. E.T.E.W. (Stef Proost) 
Centre for Economic and Social Studies on the Environment (CESSE), sustainable development information sources and indicators. 

ITM : onderzoekgroepen, ...

UFSIA phone books 
UA/RUCA: Department of Applied Economic Sciences. 
K.U.Leuven : Dep. Architectuur, Stedebouw en Ruimtelijke Ordening (A.S.R.O.) - K.U.Leuven 
FUNDP : GRT Brève présentation (Toint, Cornelis, ...) 
UCL Institut de Statistique 
ULB : SMG (M. Labbé) 
Home Page de l'Université de Liège (prof. Marchal, Thiry, Collette) 
ULg : Faculté d'Economie, de Gestion et de Sciences sociales (Thiry) 
Welcome to the FuCam (Beuthe) 
K.U.Leuven Fac. E.T.E.W. (Stef Proost) 
The Belgian Road Research Centre's Home Page 



VITO - AFDELING ENERGIE (waar transport inzit) 
RUG : Laboratory of Transportation Technology 
STEM (uit Onderzoeksgroepen UA) 
Department of Land Management 
ULB - L'Institut de Gestion de l'Environnement et d'Aménagement du Territoire 
Page d'accueil de la FUL 


External WWW sites related to transportation research 
netAddress Book of Transportation Professionals : namen en hun email 
Transport Index 
The Transport Web 
Transportation links (vanuit VTT-Finland) 
Recherche: Transports 
Urban Transport Provisional Programme 
Accident research unit (Univ Nottingham) 
[UB PAIRC] Transportation 
Other Online Transportation Sources 
Le personnel LET 
Institute of Transport Economics 
Centro di Ricerca Trasporti 
Institute for European Environmental Policy 
Home Page ECN Petten 
Infoseek : "Energieonderzoek Centrum Nederland" 
TRB Academic WWW Links 
Recherche transport sur Internet 
Welcome Page - University of London Centre for Transport Studies 
Victoria Transport Policy Institute 
Transportation links (vanuit VTT-Finland) 
Stichting Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek Verkeersveiligheid SWOV, Netherlands 
External WWW sites related to transportation research 
MIT Center for Transportation Studies 
Let's homepage 

Programma's transportonderzoek  

4fp-rtd : transport dgVII 
4fp-rtd TRANSPORT - Home Page 
TELEMATICS APPLICATIONS Programme (1994-1998) 
OECD : Transport 
EUREKA Home Page 
COST-Transport: Home Page 
COST Home Page 
Telematic Application Program 
OECD Publications - Urban Travel and Sustainable Development 

Institutions publiques belges 

Ministère wallon de l'équippement et des transports 
Ministère des Affaires sociales, de la santé publique et de l'environnement 
ONE l'Office de la Naissance et de l'Enfance. 
Ministerie van Financiën - Ministère des Finances - Ministry of Finance 
Le Bureau Fédéral du Plan 
La Région wallonne 
Communauté française de Belgique 
la médiathèque de la communauté française de Belgique. 
Sénat de Belgique - Belgische Senaat - Belgische Senat - Belgian Senate 
La Société Publique d'Aide à la Qualité de l'Environnement 
Moniteur Belge - Belgisch Staatsblad 
SNCBCentrede documentation - Comment demander de la documentation? 
De Post - La Poste - Die Post 

Site Européen & OECD 

Europa@ Internet 
CORDIS : TransportResearch Homepage 
OECD Environmental Issues Online documents 
OECD Environmental Issues - GD documents 

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