Bruno Kestemont


Tel: 32-2-426 93 19




Director at Statistics Belgium (2006-): Territory statistics (agriculture, construction, environment, development)


Statistician at Statistics Belgium (since Aug 1997): environmental statistics

Scientific collaborator of CESSE and CEDD


Launched the Sustainable Mobility Information System (SMIS).


Worked on a Feasibility study for an on-line metadatabase (data sources) on sustainable development indicators.


Consultant for Da Vinci Consulting in the framework of the SACEA project (Software Agents for Cooperative Environment Administration), working on a prototype WWW visualisation tools.


Author and maintainer of the multilingual Directory of Best Environmental Directories , the Best starting points for sustainable development, the WWW-Virtual Library -Sustainable Development and other indexes.


Before that, he launched the European Environment Agency's Catalogue of Data Sources and multilingual thesaurus.






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