Fifth International Conference of the
International Society for Ecological Economics (ISEE) Russian Chapter
    (Russian Society for Ecological Economics)
ISEE Russian Chapter International
Society for
Institute of
Academy of
Institute of Control Sciences
September 26-29
Ecological Economic 
Management and Planning
in Regional and Urban 

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Russian Society for Ecological Economics

The Conference is supported by:
International Society for Ecological Economics (ISEE)
European Society for Ecological Economics (ESEE)
Center for Economic and Social Studies on the Environment, 
Free University of Brussels

Prescott College for the Liberal Arts and the Environment, Prescott, Arizona, USA
Elsevier Science Publishing, the Netherlands
Edward Elgar Publishing, United Kingdom

International Programme  Committee

B. Aguilar, Costa Rica / USA,
L. Bochin, Russia,
I. Glazyrina, Russia,
S. Faucheux, France,
A. Gusev, Russia,
F. Hinterberger, Austria,
W. Hecq, Belgium,
P. Kasyanov, Russia,
K. Norkin, Russia,
S. Pegov, Russia,
J. Proops, UK,
A. Reteyum, Russia,
P. Safonov, Russia - Conference Chairman,
E. Seifert, Germany,
F. Schneider, Austria,
J. van den Bergh, the Netherlands,
C. Spash, UK,
A. Voinov, USA.

Local Organizing Committee

I. Pranguishvilly, Chairman,
P. Kasyanov, Vice-Chairman,
V. Babikov, Secretary
S. Andriushenko,
V. Krotov,
A. Mironychev,
L. Novozhilova,
A. Popov,
I. Potravnyi,
P. Safonov,
S. Shmelev,
T. Smirnova

Aims of the ISEE/RC'2001 Conference

The Fifth International Conference of the ISEE Russian Chapter in Moscow will be an international forum to discuss advances in ecological economics approaches to decision and policy making by government and business in transition to sustainable development at regional and urban levels. Specifically, it is aimed to exchange findings in the these areas, expose Russian scholars to relevant international research and practice, discuss the Russian experience to date, and recommend further efforts contributing to sustainable society.

It is also planned to hold an organizational meeting during the Conference concerning the transition of the ISEE Russian Chapter and continuation of its activities as the Russian Society for Ecological Economics (RSEE). The participants will be able to join the society during the conference and participate in discussion of its organizational principles and new program of activities.

Scope of the ISEE/RC'2001

The Conference will focus mainly on the following topics:

  1. Indicators and Strategies of Regional and Urban Sustainable Development
  2. Environment, Institutions and Society
  3. Natural Resources Valuation and Integrated Environmental Economic Accounting
  4. Social Factors of Sustainability
  5. Health of Population in Urban Areas
  6. Biodiversity and Regional Development
  7. Urban Planning and the Ecology of a Region
  8. Transportation, Energy, and the Environment
  9. Ecological-Economic Modeling and Information Systems
  10. Environmental Management Systems
  11. Environmental Policy Mechanisms, Risk Management and Insurance
  12. Environmental Protection Technologies and Innovation
Abstracts of papers for plenary and parallel sessions, as well as for panel discussions and round tables, are to be submitted on the above listed (and closely related) topics to the International Programme Committee by e-mail only at Please, send your abstract together with the Registration Form (below).

Selected papers will be considered for publication in a book. A limited number of demonstration stands will be available for business and scientific presentations at the Display Areas.


The working languages of the Conference will be English and Russian.
English to/from Russian translation will be provided for plenary and one of the parallel sessions.


Institute of Control Sciences

The Conference took place the Institute of Control Sciences (ICS), Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow.

Organizing Committee and the RSEE (ISEE Russian Chapter) Secretariat Address:

Dr. Paul Safonov, 
Chairman, ISEE/RC'2001
President, RSEE (ISEE Rsussian Chapter)
Institute of Control Sciences (ICS),
Russian Academy of Sciences,
65, Profsoyuznaya street
117806, Moscow, Russia
Tel/Fax: +7095 3349331

Conference Proceedings and RSEE materials
Conference materials are available and can be ordered by mail. You will receive:
  1. Conference Procceding on a CD ROM, including full papers in PDF format of the ISEE/RC'2001 Conference, and  materials of all previous ISEE/RC conferences (93, 95, 97, 99), as well as full electronic version of the RSEE (ISEE/RC) web site!
  2. Abstracts book (84 pages) in English and Russian
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