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Criteria for inclusion here: number of quality records relevant as auxilliary resources for environment and sustainable development researchers. We try to keep only the best starting point for each subject.

You can link directly one of the best lists on your matter, or do it through our annotated list of lists. Other hit parades for environmentalists are also available, and if you do not find anything, try selected internet search engines.

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Acronyms, 100000 acronyms to check out, updated weekly.

Agriculture-related databases

  • Databases (Agriculture-related), AgDB is a database directory of quality agriculture-related databases, datasets, and information systems. It describes and links to more than 1,100 information resources. Carefully crafted resource descriptions guide users directly to relevant, quality information resources ranging from "technical" to "practical." Its uncomplicated user-interface makes it suitable for Internet-novice and -veteran, alike


    URLs and servers, search all belgian sites (329845 sites on 13/4/96).

    Bibliographical references

    Bibliographical references, it is a tool to search into a comprehensive scientific metadatabase (University of Missouri). When you hit references, they are presented with hypertext links to related keywords and autors. The search is slow but the number of hits good for specific subjects.


    Who's who?, list of directories of biologists in various specialities such as specialists in biodiversity, herpetologists, taxonomists, ichtyologists, polychaete researchers, botanists, collection managers, acarologists, entomologists, environmental education specialists, mastozoologists, and also lists of zoos, musea, scientific societies, biological control laboratories, herbaria. Focused on English and Portuguese speaking world.

    Mailing lists, selected mailing lists, listservs and forums for various biological specialities.

    Calls for proposals and tenders (Europe)

    Call for tenders of the European Commission, within the fourth framework program: most of the subjects are related to environment and telematics.


    Chemistry, selected sites for chemical industry, hazardous materials, health and chemistry.

    Virtual Library, comprehensive list, by types and countries.


    Databases (en) fr, a telnet accessible metadatabase of more than 2500 databases accessible on-line, 2300 CD-ROMs and CD-Is, 280 databases on disquettes, 1800 information producers, 1100 information services providers. About 200 databases related to environment.

    Digital Chart of the World (DCW)

    Digital Chart of the World (DCW), all best www sources to get software and example maps in GIS formats.


    Resources for economists, all resources for economy on or out the web. Searchable metadatabase with an impressive number of hits. Several formats (txt, html, short, long, ...) and comments on the contents. The site points also to a lot of scientific papers available on-line, databases etc.

    Economics departments, institutions and research centres, the same for departments, sorted by country.

    Electronic mail

    Electronic mail for NGOs in developing countries, a handbook and directory of e-mail providers in developing continents.

    Europe, databases:

    Europe, databases The famous european databases of the ECHO server are searchable there: Eurodicautom (translation of terms in European languages using various specialised glossaries), IM'Guide (about 4000 databases and related brokers indexed), calls for proposals (TED), Info on European Commission activities etc.

    Europe Union information:

  • European Union information, encyclopedia.

    Europe, research and development:

    European research and development, metadatabase on projects, partners, publications, results and acronyms related to the research financed or submitted to the European Commission.

    European research and development news:

    European research and development news, fr, de, all the most recent news from the European Commission (call for tenders, events, results, press releases etc.).

    Fax directories (by country):

    Fax directories (by country) , for each country, the best searchable fax directory is selected, so you can go and search for a fax anywhere in the world.


    Sustainable forestry. A lot of diverse information is there.


    Gazetteers give the geographical coordinates of various objects such as cities (local or official names), beaches, ports, forests, roads, old churches etc. of various types (vegetation, spots, areas, administrative boundaries, hydric features, populated places, roads, railroads, hypsographic features, undersea features, etc. Click here tau look in all countries except US, Canada, United kingdom, USA

    General search engines

    SavvySearch allows to search in different popular search engines (Lycos, Yahoo, etc.) at the same time, restricting if necessary the type of object searched (persons, bibliographies, html pages etc). The links to the search engines is also proposed from there.

    Geographic data standards:

    Geographic data standards, basis for an harmonization work by the European Commission.

    Geographical Information Systems:

    GIS resources, all, by subjects (software, users, internet, congresses, institutions, definitions, file formats, training, jobs, research, videos, etc.). Available also in German.

    Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and Remote Sensing:

    Geographical Information Systems and Remote Sensing , lists different resources and recommands the best ones, from a point of view of environment.

    Geographic metadata standards:

    Geographic Information Retrieval points to the major standards in construction, and try to apply them on internet resources.

    GIS, GPS and Remote Sensing industries:

    Industries , a searchable metadatabase with all links to other related lists, including GIS software, companies, data, users etc.


    Hunger Web, selected list of many links related to hunger and sustainable development.

    Information technology:

    ENVision , selection of 15 best sites.

    Library catalogues on line:

    Belgium, selected commented list , with most of the biggest catologues accessible on-line.

    Local development :

    Local development in English and French, links to different sources; presented as an encyclopedy.


  • Maps of the World


    World Meteorological Organization, a starting point to various climate and weather related issues and databases.

    Multilingual tools and services:

    Multilingual tools and services, list of dictionaries, glossaries, translation systems, thesauri, multilingual support and retrieval systems, projects, and terminologies available on Internet.

    Natural history:

    Natural history books extensive list, mainly on trees.

    Non profit resources

    best lists, selects the best sites for several subjects (non only environment).

    directories , best directory of directories for several non profit subjects (non only environment).

    Pay for scientific information

    Pay for scientific information, a commercial directory prices list, with the names of the common commercial directories of bibliographic references etc. We give this link because commercial services usually include the largests directories.


    PeaceNet , various links.

    Risk management:

    Risk management, general list on risk management, good starting point for this point of view.

    Road and political maps:

    Road and political maps (USA), design yourself your map on the fly. Very impressing.

    Scientific information:

    Scientific information, metadatabase. Search engine for scientific references (not only environment), including links and several full text papers.

    Search internet:

    Search engines, tools to search all Internet.

    Search internet (Belgium), idem only for servers located in Begium.


    Soil (USA), all, focused on experts and general information.


    Standards, 20 good sites, by ERIN.

    Toxic substances:

    Toxic substances , is in fact a relational database with US contaminated sites, substances, toxicology profiles and health effects.

    Translation of html documents:

    Translation of html documents (en, fr, it, pt, es, ru), tool for small html documents. Usefull to translate a document from or to a language listed above. The results give a lot of errors, but it is better than nothing if you do not understand the source language.

    Tropical rainforestry:

    Malaysia, best starting point from the point of view of a forester (including tropical wood international prices and environmental matters).

    United Nations:

  • United Nations Organisations, all home pages from the various UN international bodies (FAO, UNESCO, UNEP etc.), searchable by keyword or browsable.

    Wallonia (Belgium), legislation:

    Wallonia (Belgium), legislation, metadatabase. Wallonian legal texts.

    Yellow pages (by country):

    Yellow pages (by country) , for each country, the best searchable yellow pages is selected, so you can go and search for a company address anywhere in the world (some of them provide even a local map to show how to reach them).

    White pages:

    Belgium, database: you can find any telephone number and addresses of people or institutions.

    Other countries, selected, for each country, the best on-line white and yellow pages, to find anybody anywhere (if you know the country where (s)he lives!).


    Woods of the World multimedia database of more than 900 wood species and wood products, including maps, environmental profile, searching, and more than 3000 pages of text. ................................................................................Go to Direct links
    General Search Engines

    Yahoo | Alta Vista | SavvySearch | | Visimo ... and 320 others! or 50 selected by type ] Try Excite:


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    Author: Bruno Kestemont ( of CESSE, under financing of the Belgian Federal Office for Scientific, Technical and Cultural Affairs