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This is a list of lists of metadata standards, and a direct link to example metadata standards.

Criteria for inclusion here: number of quality records relevant to metadata standards mainly but not only focused on Internet, environment, geography and sustainable development. We try to keep only the best starting point for each subject. It can be a list that makes a selection of best sources, or an comprehensive list with some tool for preselection (short description, search tool, ...).

You can link directly one of the best lists on your matter, or do it through our annotated list of lists, or go to see directlysome metadata standards

International Metadata conference:

4th European Earth Observation System (EEOS) Workshop. Metadata. Focusing on the Needs of Small & Medium Size Information Holders.
The Workshop will take place at the P.M. Nomikos Conference Centre located on the rim of the caldera in Fira, the capital city of Santorini (GREECE).

Direct link to lists:

Annotated list of lists:

Environmental coding lists:

Coding lists database is a bibliographic metadatabase on Environmental Nomenclatures, Classifications and Coding Systems, focusing on European requirements.

Geographic data standards:

Geographic data standards, metadatabase of various types of standards for geographic information (exchange formats, metadata standards, ...).

Geographic metadata standards:

Geographic Information Retrieval points to the major standards in construction, and try to apply them on internet resources.

Metadata in GIS and WWW mapping:

  • Metadata, lists all kinds of links related to metadata in Geographical Information Systems and WWW mapping tools.
  • Méta-données (Metadata) et SIG (GIS)

    Pointers to Web sites related to Geographic Information , a chapter points to various GIS metadata standards (including full reports of ISO TC287 for example), another to metadata sites.

    Metadata resources:

    Metadata resources, one of the most comprehensive site, with comments. Mainly based on the Internet (URCs etc.) and on american standards.

    Multilingual tools and services:

  • Multilingual tools and services, list of dictionaries, glossaries, translation systems, thesauri, multilingual support and retrieval systems, projects, and terminologies available on Internet.

    Thesauri (multilingual):

    INFOTERRA multilingual thesaurus, and its latest version, the EnVoc thesaurus. The best available environmental multilingual thesaurus on the net (en, fr, es, ru, ...), oriented towards developing countries.
  • Multilingual thesaurus, definitions, translations (en, fr), data. Thésaurus GEMET (General Multilingual Environmental Thesaurus) : 15 languages [ Basque, Bulgarian, Danish, Dutch, English, US-English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Portugese, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish]- 5.298 descriptors, 109 basic sections and 1.264 synonyms.

    FAO AGROVOC thesaurus. A multilingual thesaurus (fr, en, es) with terminology used in biological sciences, agronomy, etc.

    EURODICAUTOM. A multilingual terms system with various thematic modules.


    ISO Standards catalogue.

    Universal Resources Caracteristics:

    Universal Resources Caracteristics (URCs) are the metadata that would be included in the head of each electronic (internet) document, such as author, publisher, type etc (it is already in discussion).

    WWW META and HTTP-EQUIV tags entities index:

    WWW META tag entities, all possible metadata fields on the Web or by major software or operating systems. The best way to start if you do not want to reinvent the wheel ... and if you want your site to be seen by robots and other metadata systems.

    Several metadata standards:

  • The 4th Dublin Core Metadata Workshop Report DC-4, on WWW meta tag standardisation.
  • Application of Metadata Standards, paper of ISO rules for development of metadata standards.
  • Attributes supported by the Harvest Gatherer html metadata tags.
  • CERES Standards
  • Content Standards for Digital Geospatial Metadata
  • CDS (Catalogue of Data Sources) of the European Environment Agency.
  • Core Metadata Elements for Land and Geographic Directories in Australia and New Zealand, metadata standard, databases
  • Dublin core metadata element set:, draft metadata standard for the WWW.
  • EdNA Metadata Home Page, draft metadata standard for the WWW in Australia (education), an extension of the Dublin core, using the SCHEME attribute.
  • EPA Scientific Metadata Standards Project , metadata standards
  • GILS, official US standard for administrations (will probably be extended to world wide standard).
  • IAFA, metadata standard for FTP and other Internet documents.
  • Directory Interchange Format, the famous NASA DIF, source of various derived standards and used by the CEOS community and other directories related to earth observation and environment.
  • FGDC Subcommittee on Cultural and Demographic Data (SCDD)
  • html 4
  • Metadata Standards Draft Implementation Guide for WAIS.
  • Metadata standards of the US Geological Service
  • Metadata Standards Draft Implementation Guide
  • Metadata Standards For Gap Analysis
  • Metadatabase on Sustainable Development and its type-form for quick overview, interchange format, multilingual, multidisciplinary, multi-media, hypertext, sustainable development, sustainable mobility.
  • MRLC Metadata Standards
  • Content Standards for Digital Geospatial Metadata (FGDC)
  • geographic metadata standards
  • CEN-TC287 for geographic data
  • GDDE (Megrin/CERCO), for european geographic data
  • FGDC, for geographical data.
  • ISO 15046 for geographic data
  • Meta tag (html 4)
  • National Biological Information Infrastructure biology (related to FGDC)
  • Reference html page
  • ROADS project, using IAFA templates; gives interesting statistics of the implementation of each field. Covers various data source types, from organizations to databases. Develops a software to search the IAFA templates.
  • US-MARC , standard of the Library of Congress
  • WWW'95: proceedings , various papers arround metadata.
  • USGS RockyLink Standards and MetaData GeoSpatial Resources
  • Z39-50 ................................................................................Go to Direct links

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