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Several metadata standards:

  • The 4th Dublin Core Metadata Workshop Report DC-4, on WWW meta tag standardisation.
  • Application of Metadata Standards, paper of ISO rules for development of metadata standards.
  • Attributes supported by the Harvest Gatherer html metadata tags.
  • CERES Standards
  • Content Standards for Digital Geospatial Metadata
  • CDS (Catalogue of Data Sources) of the European Environment Agency.
  • Core Metadata Elements for Land and Geographic Directories in Australia and New Zealand, metadata standard, databases
  • Dublin core metadata element set:, draft metadata standard for the WWW.
  • EdNA Metadata Home Page, draft metadata standard for the WWW in Australia (education), an extension of the Dublin core, using the SCHEME attribute.
  • EPA Scientific Metadata Standards Project , metadata standards
  • GILS, official US standard for administrations (will probably be extended to world wide standard).
  • IAFA, metadata standard for FTP and other Internet documents.
  • Directory Interchange Format, the famous NASA DIF, source of various derived standards and used by the CEOS community and other directories related to earth observation and environment.
  • FGDC Subcommittee on Cultural and Demographic Data (SCDD), under construction.
  • Metadata Standards Draft Implementation Guide for WAIS.
  • Metadata standards of the US Geological Service
  • Metadata Standards Draft Implementation Guide
  • Metadata Standards For Gap Analysis
  • Metadatabase on Sustainable Development and its type-form for quick overview, interchange format, multilingual, multidisciplinary, multi-media, hypertext, sustainable development, sustainable mobility.
  • MRLC Metadata Standards
  • Content Standards for Digital Geospatial Metadata (FGDC)
  • geographic metadata standards
  • CEN-TC287 for geographic data
  • FGDC, for geographical data.
  • ISO 15046 for geographic data
  • National Biological Information Infrastructure biology (related to FGDC)
  • ROADS project, using IAFA templates; gives interesting statistics of the implementation of each field. Covers various data source types, from organizations to databases. Develops a software to search the IAFA templates.
  • US-MARC , standard of the Library of Congress
  • WWW'95: proceedings , various papers arround metadata.
  • USGS RockyLink Standards and MetaData GeoSpatial Resources
  • Z39-50
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