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Remark : several more thematic links can be found on the descriptive cards of each research project.

Environment :

Data sources
The best environmental directory

We try to keep only the best starting point for each subject.
Auxilliary lists for environmentalists
Belgian data sources for Climate Change

demo (not fully operational), 200 records, 424 Kb
Associations and institutions
Environmental Economics Programme of the Institue for Environment and Development (IIED)
Environment Universities Association (AUE, in French)
European Enviroment Agency (EEA)
International Association for Energy Economics
Specific documents, reports
Les dépenses courantes de protection de l’environnement par les industries en Belgique (INS)
CO2 emissions from fuel combustion (IEA/AIE - OECD)
OECD Environment Outlook 2001 (OCDE)
Environmental signals : benchmarking the millennium (EEA - 2002)
Analysis and comparaison of national and EU-wide projections of greenhouse gas emissions (EEA - 2002)
ALTER Business News
Belgian news magazine (in french or Dutch) on the environment
with many interesting links


Sustainable Development :

Data sources
Best Sustainable Development starting points

Just an exemple to show what kind of online data could be selected and captured. It is mainly focussed on Sustainable Development data and gives different tools to display or to catch data.
World Business Council for Sustainable Development
On-line data
Portail mobilité Belgique
Sustainable Mobility Information System (SMIS)

Directory of Non-Governemental Organisations Based in Belgium and Active in Sustainable Development

(comming from OCDE's directory)

WWW Virtual Library : Sustainable Development
DOC21 : your toolbox for the Action 21
Internetwork for Sustainability
Associations and institutions
Climate Action Network Europe (CAN Europe)
Greenfacts Foundation
Environment Universities Association (AUE , in French)
Royal Institute for the Sustainable Management of Natural Resources and the Promotion of Clean Technology
Center for Studies on Sustainable Environment
Specific documents, reports
Governance for Sustainable Development: Five OECD Case Studies (OECD)
Study : Scientific Facts on Climate Change and Global Warming

Platform "Indicators for a Sustanaible Development" (OSTC)

Belgian website in French or Dutch

Science, technologies and Sustainable Development (SciDev)




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Sustainable Development
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