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Professor André FARBER
Solvay Business School

Université Libre de Bruxelles

Finance (MBA-FT)
Fall 2007


Course outline 2007

Class notes
Class notes 1: Introduction

Class notes 2: Foundations
Class notes 3: Present value
Class note 4: Bond valuation
Class note 5: Stock valuation
Class note 6: Capital budgeting (1)
Class note 7: Capital budgeting (2)
Class note 8: Risk and return
Class note 9: Optimal Portfolio Choice
Class note 10: CAPM
Class note 11: Capital structure

Tutorial 1: Carrefour + Bud
Tutorial 2: PV and Bond Math
Tutorial 3: ZAC
More to come…

Additional files
Statement of cash flow – Monte Carlo presentation
Sustainable growth
Present Value – Class Presentation
Bond value
Duration and asset liability management
DDM Example
FCFM Example
Capital budgeting Example
Discrete probability distribution
Using the normal distribution
Portfolio selection
Efficient set – random generation


Problem sets
The following problem sets are based on past exams. Work them out before looking at the solution.
Financial statement analysis:
Farber.com + solution
PV and bond valuation:
MBA, Corp + solution
Stock valuation:
XYZ + solution
Investment project:
Make or Buy
Porfolio selection:
Aunt Agatha (solution included)

Additional class notes

Past exams
Midterm November 1996+solution
Midterm November 1997+solution
Midterm November 1998+solution
Midterm November 1999 + solution
Midterm November 2000 + solution+revised solution (Question 3)
Midterm November 2001 + solution
Midterm November 2002 + Solution
Midterm November 2003 + Solution
Final December 1996 + solution
Final December 1997 + solution
Final December 1998 + solution
Final December 1999 + solution
Final December 2000 + solution
Final December 2001 + solution
Final December 2002 + solution
Final December 2003+solution
Final December 2004
Final December 2006 + solution