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Professor André FARBER
Solvay Business School

Université Libre de Bruxelles

Finance (Vietnam)

July 12, 2006
Excel solutions for ABYZ(A) and (B) have been posted.
July 10, 2006
The exam is scheduled at this end of this week. I expect that you are all working hard to prepare it.
Here are the formulas that you will receive with the questions. 

April 21, 2006
As indicated while in Hanoi, I will update the website to include files used during the course.
Today, I have put two files:
  Bond valuation: the Power Point slides used in class
..Capital structure: the Excel file used to illustrate capital structure and WACC calculations

New on this site:
Updated files while in Hanoi and HCMC (April 2004)
Bond Valuation and Duration (Excel file)
Asset Liability Management (ALM) and Duration (Excel File)
Electraviet (Excel file)
Capital budgeting without and with inflation (Excel file)
Microsoft and S&P500 illustration (Excel file)
Discrete probability distribution Monte Carlo Simulation (Excel file)
Normal distribution, confidence interval, Value at Risk (Excel file)
Portfolio decisions (Excel file)
Beta (Power point presentation)
1-period option pricing model (Excel file)
Course review (Power point)
    Update for courses taught in April 2004
(posted 29/3/2004)
How to prepare the 2004 exam (posted 17/4/2004)
    Solutions to A.Farber's problems
see below (posted 24/5/2000)
    Solutions to end of chapters problems in RWJ (Excel Files)
       4th ed.
Chap 3 to 10, Chap 21
       5th ed.
Chap 3 to 10
, Chap 21
          6th ed.
Chap 3 to Chap 25

You will find this site:
    1. Class notes for my course
    2. Problems to accompany my course
    3. Past exams
    4. Slides of past conferences in Hanoi

1. Class notes and cases
Course outline

Case Session 1: Electraviet
Class note 1: introduction

Class note 2: capital budgeting - review

Class note 3: bond valuation

Class note 3 : bond valuation (revised April 2006)
Class note 4: stock valuation

Case Session 2: Asian Balanced Fund
Class note 5: introduction to risk

Class note 6: portfolio selection

Case Session 3: Tran Do
Class note 7: risk and expected return

Case Session 4: ABYZ (A) + Excel Solution
Class note 8 : capital structure (1)
Case Session 5: ABYZ (B) + Excel Solution
Class note 9: capital structure (2)
Class note 10: APV and WACC
Capital structure Excel illustration
Case Session 6: Hong Kong Telecom
Class note 11: introduction to options

2. Problems
Foundations of finance: Ms Xuan (Solution)
Present value: Vietnacom (Solution)
Bond valuation: Trung Bo (Solution) Sea Bank (Solution)
Stock valuation: Saigon Airport Company
Risk and expected return: Aunt Dao (Solution), Tran Nam (Solution)

3. Past exams
Exam 1997

Exam 2000

Exam Hanoi 2002
Exam Saigon 2002

4. Conferences in Hanoi
Conference 1: Capital budgeting and Net Present Value
1. Foundations
2. Cost of capital

3. Financing

Conference 2: Beyond Net Present Value: Real Options
1. Introduction
2. Valuing financial options
3. Valuing real options

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