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Why an ECTS grading scale?

The decree issued by the French Community of Belgium defining templates for diplomas and diploma supplements delivered by higher education institutions and academic boards in the French Community of Belgium stipulates that:

The purpose of the diploma supplement is to provide sufficient independent data to improve international transparency and a fair academic and professional recognition of the graduate’s qualifications (degrees, academic achievements, certificates, etc.).

Among other things, the decree requires that diploma supplements include information on the curriculum and the student’s marks. These marks must follow the grading system used in French-speaking Belgium.

In accordance with articles 139 and 140 of the decree of November 7, 2013, defining the higher education landscape and the organisation of studies, the final grading for a given course consists in a mark from 0 to 20; the threshold for completing a course is 10/20. If the student does not earn a 10/20 mark, the exam board may nevertheless rule that they have successfully completed the course in question, or all courses making up an academic year, or an entire study programme.