The OPERA department (Optique, Photonique, Electromagnétisme, Radiocommunications et Acoustique) was created at the Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB) in 2007. It is composed of three research units specialized in the fields of acoustics, photonics and wireless communications.

The photonics group is involved in fundamental and applied research activities in the fields of nonlinear optics, guided optics, ultrashort optical phenomena, optical reservoir computing and quantum optics. It is currently leading the Belgian network "photonics@be" that gathers 9 university partners (including 3 foreign partners) and that is funded by the federal cooperation program PAI (Pôle d'Attraction Interuniversitaire).

The wireless communications group owns expertise in three complementary domains : (i) the propagation channel characterization and modeling ; (ii) the signal processing for digital communications ; (iii) the network architectures. The strategic vision of the group is focused on the development of a unified research team able to tackle cross-layer telecommunication challenges ranging from the physics of propagation to the network architecture, passing through signal processing. The group participates actively to applied projects, in the fields of logistics, localization and radar processing. The research led to the creation of a spin-off (Amoobi).

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