Photonics Lab

Description :

  • - A well-equipped optical laboratory with laser sources, analysis and fast electronic devices.

  • -The lab contains 5 rooms equipped with optical tables.

  • -Sources include two Ti:Sapphire laser, working in the fs or ps range, one OPO laser covering wavelengths from 1.2 to 2.5 µm, and fiber lasers working in CW or in the ps range in the C-band.

  • -Temporal, spectral and spatial analysis of the laser beams are possible. Detectors up to 60 GHz are available. They can be coupled to 50GS/s oscilloscope or to spectrum analyzers. The optical spectrum analysers covers the wavelength range from 650 nm to 2600 nm while autocorrelators cover the ps and fs ranges, around 800 nm, 1550nm and 2200 nm, with FROG capabilities around 800 nm and 1550nm.

  • - A multiphoton-microscope working around 800 nm, amplitude and phase modulators in the C-band, arbitrary waveform generator, PM fiber splicer and material to couple light in and out of guiding structures such as fibers or photonic nanowires are also available.

Contact : Philippe Emplit / Simon-Pierre Gorza / Marc Haelterman / Pascal Kockaert

Mobile Networking Lab

Description : A complete networking laboratory for testing, validation, and training. It includes 2G and 4G base stations, SDN switches, enterprise-class CISCO equipment, SIP/IMS servers, and IPv6 connectivity.

Contact : Jean-Michel Dricot

Radio-frequency Lab

Description :

  • - 8x8 dual-polarized MIMO channel sounder

  • - 4-port VNA up to 75 GHz

  • - 2-port RF source up to 6 GHz

  • - Spectrum analyzers up to 13 GHz

  • - RF Scanner : Wifi, 2G, 3G, 4G with 2G and 3G decoding

  • - Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer up to 13 GHz

  • - 60 GHz front-ends

  • - Reverberation chamber

Contact : Philippe De Doncker / François Horlin

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