• 1) How and when advanced French class will take place?

For the 30h (3 ECTS) and 60h (5 ECTS) French classes, the courses are being organised by our language department (not part of SBS-EM). Those courses are open to students with at least an intermediate level and will be subject to an level entry test.

For total beginners, a 40h (No ECTS) course with a private school will be offered. See your Guide 2 for more details.

Depending on the course you choose and the level you reach, you will be allocated a group with a specific schedule. The language department (ground floor of building P1) will inform you of the schedule once the test are finished and the groups formed.

  • 2) Does a course consist of one or several classes per week ?

It could be one or two classes (or exceptionally more) per course per week.

  • 3) What is the Université Virtuelle (UV)?

This is a communication tool for the professors (to leave their material, to communicate with you, to form groups, …), and consequently doesn’t necessarily reflect your registration, nor replace your registration (which is still to be done with your Registration Form).

Université Virtuelle (UV) is to be found on MonULB (top right of your main screen).

Instructions on how to register will be communicated by email.

  • 4) How do I know when a professor is absent or a classroom moved?

Check your ULB email box, these are announced through messages entitled « message personnel » or check the faculty announcements on Mon ULB, tab « Annonces Facultaires ».

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