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Biology of the Nucleus


The nuclear and cytoplasmic compartments of eukaryotic cells are spatially separated by the nuclear envelope (NE), which is composed of a double-layered nuclear membrane, the nuclear lamina and nuclear pore complexes (NPCs). NPCs mediate all molecular exchange between the nucleus and cytoplasm of interphase cells and they are composed of about 30 different nucleoporins (Nups). Nucleoporins are, however, not only important structural elements of the NPC and fundamental for nucleocytoplasmic transport, they often exhibit an enormously dynamic character so that they directly or indirectly participate in other cellular processes, both in interphase and mitotic cells. These processes range from cellular signaling pathways, cell migration, gene expression, spindle checkpoint regulation, kinetochore organization, cytokinesis and many more. Our lab is interested in the role of nucleoporins in cell cycle regulation and cancer development


Members of the group


1. Role of nucleoporin Nup153 in spindle checkpoint regulation

2. Elucidating the functional role of nucleoporin Nup98 in acute myeloid leukaemia

3. Dissecting the molecular function of the oncogenic nucleoporin Nup88 in the p53 and pRB tumour suppressor pathways


IBMM - Biology of the Nucleus
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