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Institute of Molecular Biology and Medicine (IBMM)

The Institute for Molecular Biology and Medicine (IBMM) is a significant and practical illustration of the European and International activities of the Université libre de Bruxelles and its attachment to Wallonia.

The Institute

Presentation of the Institute

Department of molecular biology
Institute of interdisciplinary research into human and molecular biology

Research fields

Bacterial Genetics and Physiology
Biology of the Nucleus
Biology of Membrane Transport
Experimental Allergology
Interdisciplinary Research in Human and Molecular Biology
Molecular Biology of Ectoparasites
Molecular Biology of the Gene
Molecular Cell Physiology
Developmental Genetics
Molecular Parasitology
Molecular Virology
RNA Metabolism



In practice

IBMM access map

IBMM Intranet

Planning des locaux
Access by bus
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