Les relations internationales de l'ULB
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China Scholarship Council

Welcome to Université libre de Bruxelles
Welcome to Chinese PhD students

PhD at ULB

General idea of what doing a PhD at ULB is like

It should be noted that a “Double Degree”, also called “cotutelle” at ULB, is different from a “Joint PhD” in China. Joint PhD in China means a Chinese candidate who is already enrolled in a PhD program at a Chinese university studies at ULB for a maximum of two years, without the earning a PhD from ULB.

In a “Double Degree” program the candidate is enrolled both at ULB and their home university in China, and spends at least one year in each university. The supervisors from both universities oversee the candidate’s research. The final dissertation and the public defense (final examination) is in English or French. Upon completion, the candidate is awarded one PhD degree, but through 2 diplomas (one from ULB and the other from their home university in China). A specific Double Degree agreement must be signed by the official representatives of the two universities.

About ULB-CSC SCholarship

Though the agreement between ULB and CSC will not be renewed in 2019, it doesn’t mean that phd candidates who wish to come to pursue their PhD at ULB cannot obtain the CSC scholarship. The phd candidates can choose either to apply as an individual applicant, or apply through WBI/FNRS/CSC.

Full PhD or Joint PhD are still available in the two cases. The funding for each joint PhD student will cover 6 to 24 months, and up to 48 months for each full-time PhD student.

How to Apply

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General information

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Important Contacts

  • Call CSC : Dr. Yuan Feng (yuan.feng@ulb.ac.be)

  • Admissions / enrolment : Ms Carine Faniel (carine.faniel@ulb.ac.be)

  • Double Degree : Ms Helene Kitsopoulos(helene.kitsopoulos@ulb.ac.be or phdulb@ulb.ac.be)

  • PhD (general information) : Helene Kitsopoulos and Dr. Bibiane Fréché (doctorat@ulb.ac.be)