Contacter Les relations internationales de l'ULB
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ULB in your region

ULB is working actively to develop a network of international contacts to be able to answer your questions about our University. This network that is being put together, will rely to a great extent on the associations of ULB alumni and Friends of ULB.

  • ULB Centre for Ongoing Education (Cepulb)

    Avenue FD. Roosevelt, 50
    CP 160/12
    10540 Bruxelles
    00 32 (0)2.650.24.26
    Chair person : Gisèle Van de Vyver
    Coordinator: Anne-Françoise Erhardt

  • Union of Alumni (UAE)

    Campus de la Plaine
    CP 235
    Bd du Triomphe
    1050 Bruxelles
    Chair person : Jean-Michel Thomas
    Secretary General : Anne-Marie Blandin de Chalin

  • ULB Extension

    Campus de la Plaine
    CP 235
    Bd du Triomphe
    1050 Bruxelles
    Chair person : Christophe Loir
    Contact: Violaine Sizaire

  • Belgian Institute of Higher Education
    ULB- CP 124
    Avenue Jeanne, 44
    1050 Bruxelles
    Chairperson : Charles Joachain
    Institute Secretariat
    Opening hours: Monday – Thursday, 4pm – 6pm