Medical assistance

A medical service (general practitioners, sports medicine and a general clinic) is available to the university population at INAMI (National Institute of Health and Disability Insurance) rates, i.e. fully reimbursed by the mutuality.
In Belgium, individual health insurance is obligatory. Foreign students must contact their local health insurance before leaving their country. If a bilateral agreement exists, they receive a certificate which they must take to a Belgian mutuality. Generally speaking, if they are EU citizens, they will only have to pay the supplementary fee.
If the system does not exist in their country, students must sign up with a mutuality or get private health insurance. Therefore, if the student has a health problem, he or she will be able to see a doctor and will be reimbursed for most of the related medical costs.
Furthermore, ULB students benefit from public liability insurance covering accidents related to university activities.

Along with providing help in choosing a study programme, Psy-Campus, our psychological consultation service, welcomes those who find it hard to adapt to university or who are in search of personal well-being.

Aimer à l'ULB, a family planning clinic, offers various medical, psychological and legal services. A multidisciplinary team is available to assist those who have emotional or sexual problems, in complete confidentiality.

Find out more about what we offer on the Community Services Department pages (Daycare, Sports, Culture, Bureau for students with disabilities, etc.)