How much does it cost?
2016-2017: estimated attendance costs

Over and above the registration fees, the amount of money you will need for the whole year depends on a number of factors, such as whether you need student accommodation, your style of living, etc.
To help you calculate the amount you will need, here are a few figures giving you an idea of costs:

Educational material (course material, books, etc.)

500 EUR

Accommodation (12 x 400 EUR)

4.800 EUR

Food (12 x 306 EUR)

3.672 EUR

Clothing (the first year of your stay)

750 EUR

Healthcare (insurance, medical expenses)

350 EUR


400 EUR

IT expenses (Internet flat rate: 12x40 EUR)

480 EUR

Miscellaneous (telephone, leisure, etc.)

600 EUR


11.552 EUR

This is the amount calculated for a single student. For a household, you will need to reckon with an additional 4,000 EUR (minimum) for each person.
In addition, you will need more if you have to take French-language preparatory courses.
Take a look at our web pages for students. Here you will find all the needed information on available support, for instance in terms of accommodation, welfare, medical consultations, etc.