French courses

At ULB, the vast majority of courses are given in French. Good basic knowledge of French is thus essential in order to take the courses and understand them. This is why the university organises French courses at different levels for foreign students before the beginning of the academic year and also during the year.
NB: A growing number of Masters' teaching takes now place in English, please check our dedicated page for more info.

Before the beginning of the academic year:

Courses (75 hours) are organised in August and September for non-francophone future university students. They are designed to improve their French language skills and their ability to take courses at the university. You will find here more details and contact information about our courses in French.

The Faculty of Arts also organises courses during the holidays in French language and literature. They are aimed at perfecting oral and written skills and at discovering and studying francophone culture and literature.

If your knowledge of French is sufficient, you may also take preparatory courses in French and university methodology during the summer.

During the academic year:

Courses at different levels are organised during the academic year to allow foreign students or Erasmus students to further their knowledge of the French language.