Study fields at ULB

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Selection of courses

Students applying for a stay at ULB within an exchange agreement must select courses from the list of courses organized by the Ecole polytechnique de Bruxelles find more ...
  • most courses are taught in French, but several programs are available in English

  • only the courses in the Bachelor and Master programs (study years 1 to 5) are eligible

  • the courses specific to other programs (i.e. master complémentaire, formation complémentaire, formation continue, ...) are not eligible and may not be selected, ne peuvent pas être choisis, unless there is a prior explicit agreement from the faculty coordinator at ULB

  • the possible selection of courses organized by other faculties is also subject to an explicit agreement on a case by case basis

  • when a course is shared by different faculties, the number of credits in the curriculum of Ecole polytechnique de Bruxelles applies

The selection of courses must be approved by the coordinator at the home institution. The selection must the be sent to Mrs Rose-Marie BRYNAERT  (mail address) for a preliminar check, at least one month before arriving in Brussels. The list of courses could possibly be modified later with the prior consent of the coordinator of studies at the home university and at Ecole polytechnique of ULB.

Level of studies (*)

The selection of a coherent list of courses is easier for students at the "master" level (MA) (*). Ecole polytechnique de Bruxelles encourages exchanges at this level of study. For students at the "bachelor" level, when agreed in the exchange agreement, a coherent course list can be selected only if the stay is for the full academic year.

( * ) BA - MA
the structure "Bachelor-Master" (BA-MA) corresponds to :
BA = study years 1 to 3
MA = study years 4 and 5

Course schedules

The course schedules are available by study field and by professor (  find the link ...). These schedules are subject to change from one academic year to another, but the situation a year is a good first indication for the next year.

The master thesis - Internships

Students who will carry out a master thesis during their stay at ULB (thesis, project or internship) must choose the subject before their arrival in Brussels, with the agreement of a professor at ULB (supevisor) and a professor (co-supervisor) at the home university.

a student will not be allowed to come to ULB without the prior approval of the subject of his thesis (or project or internship) by a supervisor and a co-supervisor.

Courses are taught in French or in English. Students are expected to know enough French and/or English to be able to attend the classes. French courses devoted to foreign students are organized by the "Service de Mobilité Etudiante" to know more ...). Admission to these courses is available from this department.

Marks at the examinations

The marks obtained at examinations on the subjects taken at ULB are sent to the home university and validated for the curriculum of the student.

General information
  • All administrative details are presented on the web site of the "Service de Mobilité Etudiante" : this site also provides access to a brochure with general information see the web site ...).

  • The campus maps are also published on the web see the maps ... ).

Academic information
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