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Description of IAP P4-07

Radiation-Matter Interaction

The Participating Teams
The Scientific Project
Semi-annual Meetings
Address Book



The Interuniversity Attraction Pole (IAP) program is financially supported by the Belgian Federal Office for Scientific, Technical and Cultural Affairs (OSTC).

The participating teams

At ULB - Université Libre de Bruxelles    
ONT Group ULB, Campus de la Plaine, CP 231
Bld du Triomphe, B-1050 Bruxelles, Belgium
Fax : +32-2-650.58.24
The ONT group is Y2K compliant.
UFO Group Ultrafast Fiber Optics
ULB, Campus du Solbosch, CP 194/5
50 avenue F.D. Roosevelt, B-1050 Bruxelles, Belgium
Fax : +32-2-650.44.96
Promotor Senior Scientists : Mandel, Paul
Emplit, Philippe
Erneux, Thomas
Haelterman, Marc
At FPMS - Faculté Polytechnique de Mons    
ARO Group Advanced Research in Optics
FPMs, Chaire d'Electromagnétisme et de Télécommunication
31 boulevard Dolez, B-7000 Mons, Belgium
Fax : +32-65-37.41.99
Promotor Senior Scientists : Blondel, Michel
Mégret, Patrice
Deparis, Olivier
At KUL - Katholieke Universiteit Leuven   
IKS Group KUL, Departement Natuurkunde
200 D Celestijnenlaan, B-3001 Leuven, Belgium
Fax : +32-16-32.79.85
Promotor Senior Scientists : Coussement, Romain
Odeurs, Jos

The scientific project

The objective of this project is to study the generation of coherent electromagnetic radiation and its interaction with matter from the IR to the gamma-ray range. The project is divided into seven research programs :

1. Composite lasers - ISHG

Nd:YAG lasers with Intracavity Second Harmonic Generation (ISHG).

These lasers, which are now available to university laboratories at a reduced price, will be studied theoretically and experimentally. We will exploit their nonreciprocal mode independence to set up a semiclassical cryptography technique. We will also study their peculiar dynamics from the viewpoint of the energy mode distribution.

2. Composite lasers - OPOSA

Optical Parametric Oscillators with Saturable Absorber (OPOSA).

In view of the recent emergence of stable and reliable high power OPO's, we will study the dynamics of an OPO whose driving field can be absorbed by a saturable medium. Particular attention will be devoted to transverse mode coupling due to diffraction.

3. Semiconductor lasers

Semiconductor lasers have a wide range of applications but are known to be unstable devices. Because systematic experiments are difficult, most of our understanding of these instabilities is based on extensive numerical studies. Cascading bifurcations to progressively more complex time dependent regimes is the main mechanism leading to these instabilities. We propose a series of analytical and numerical studies of semiconductor laser bifurcations. Our objective is to compare theoretical and current experimental observations of semiconductor laser bifurcations in the case of a single mode laser subject to either injection or optical feedback.

4. Nuclear quantum optics

We will investigate how the method of quantum interference of atomic levels can be extended to include nuclear transition in order to generate coherent radiation in the gamma-ray range. Analytical derivations of the gain will be crucial to determine if such schemes are feasible.

5. Novel solitons

The ULB group has recently discovered new types of optical solitons. These solitons exhibits interesting features from both fundamental and applied viewpoints. We will study experimentally the propagation of the new solitons in optical fibers. Besides the study of their fundamental properties, our attention will be focused on their potential applications to all-optical data processing and transmission.

6. Optical fiber resonators

We will investigate the dynamics of nonlinear optical fiber resonators. On one hand these devices are subject to complex instabilities which have not yet been systematically studied. On the other hand, these devices exhibit potentially interesting features for applications to all-optical data processing. The main scope of our research activity in this field is to improve the understanding of the various instability mechanisms in fiber resonators and to properly control their basic nonlinear features in view of application to all-optical data processing.

7. Doped fiber devices

Doped fiber lasers, fiber amplifiers and fiber-based data processing devices will be studied numerically and experimentally with a view to investigating their applications to ultrahigh repetition rate photonic transmissions in the different telecommunication wavelength windows. Special attention will be devoted to the design and realization of laser sources for novel vector and compound solitons.

Semi-annual meetings

These meetings are opened to all members of the three IAP P4-07 participating labs. The goal of these meetings is to offer to all members of this IAP network the opportunity to learn more about the activities of the other groups, to visit their facilities, but also and maybe essentially, to create personal contacts between the younger scientists, with the hope that they will result in a deeper and more efficient interdisciplinary collaboration between persons who will know each other better than through typed reports and/or e-mail.

The first semi-annual meeting has been organised at the ULB on August, 28, 1997.

The best photos of this glorious day

Address book

Here follow the coordinates of all present participants to IAP P4-07

First name, Name       Title   Position               University    Phone            e-mail

BLONDEL, Michel        Pr Ir   IAP Project Promotor   FPMs          065-37.41.92     blondel@telecom.fpms.ac.be
COEN, Stéphane         Ir      PhD student            ULB           02-650.28.01     Stephane.Coen@ulb.ac.be
COUSSEMENT, Romain     Pr      IAP Project Promotor   KUL           016-32.72.60     romain.coussement@fys.kuleuven.ac.be
DEPARIS, Olivier       Dr Ir   Senior Scientist       FPMs          065-37.41.94     deparis@telecom.fpms.ac.be
EMPLIT, Philippe       Dr      Senior Scientist       ULB           02-650.28.02     Philippe.Emplit@ulb.ac.be
ERNEUX, Thomas         Pr      Senior Scientist       ULB           02-650.58.19     terneux@ulb.ac.be
HAELTERMAN, Marc       Dr Ir   Senior Scientist       ULB           02-650.44.94     mhaelter@ulb.ac.be
KIYAN, Roman           Dr      Postdoc                FPMs          065-37.41.94     kiyan@telecom.fpms.ac.be
KOCHAROVSKAYA, Olga    Dr      Visiting Scientist     ULB                            kochar@ulb.ac.be
KOCKAERT, Pascal       Ir      PhD student            ULB           02-650.28.30     pkockaer@ulb.ac.be
KOZYREFF, Gregory      Ir      PhD student            ULB           02-650.58.21     gkozyref@ulb.ac.be
L'ABBE, Caroline       Mrs     PhD student            KUL           016-32.72.62     caroline.labbe@fys.kuleuven.ac.be
MANDEL, Paul           Pr      IAP Project Promotor   ULB           02-650.58.20     pmandel@ulb.ac.be
MEGRET, Patrice        Dr Ir   Senior Scientist       FPMs          065-37.41.91     megret@telecom.fpms.ac.be
NEYENS, Gerda          Dr      Postdoc                KUL           016-32.72.62     gerda.neyens@fys.kuleuven.ac.be
NGUYEN, Ba An          Dr      Visiting Professor     ULB                            nbaan@ulb.ac.be
NIZETTE, Michel        Mr      PhD student            ULB           02-650.58.22     mnizette@ulb.ac.be
ODEURS, Jos            Dr      Guestprofessor         KUL           016-32.72.61     jos.odeurs@fys.kuleuven.ac.be
PICOZZI, Antonio       Dr      Postdoc                ULB           02-650.48.55     apicozzi@ulb.ac.be
PIEROUX, Didier        Dr Ir   Postdoc                ULB           02-650.58.22     dpieroux@ulb.ac.be
POTTIEZ, Olivier       Ir      PhD student            FPMs          065-37.41.44     pottiez@telecom.fpms.ac.be
ROGISTER, Fabien       Ir      PhD student            FPMs          065-37.41.98     rogister@telecom.fpms.ac.be
ROIG, Nadège           Ir      PhD student            ULB           02-650.48.55     Nadege.Roig@ulb.ac.be
SHAKHMURATOV, Rustem   Dr      Visiting Scientist     KUL           016-32.72.62     rustem.shakhmuratov@fys.kuleuven.ac.be
SYLVESTRE, Thibaut     Dr      Postdoc                ULB           02-650.45.86     thibaut.sylvestre@ulb.ac.be
TLIDI, Mustapha        Dr      Postdoc                ULB           02-650.59.05     mtlidi@ulb.ac.be
VAN SIMAEYS, Gaëtan    Ir      PhD student            ULB           02-650.48.55     gaetan.vansimaeys@ulb.ac.be
VIKTOROV, E.           Dr      Visiting Scientist     ULB                            eviktoro@ulb.ac.be
VLADIMIROV, Andrei     Dr      Visiting Scientist     ULB           02-650.58.22     avladimi@ulb.ac.be

Last modification on 7 March 2000
Comments: Nadia Kockaert (Nadia.Kockaert@ulb.ac.be)