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Thesis supervision

Your doctoral training and the research you carry out in preparation for writing your thesis are overseen by your

  • thesis supervisor

  • thesis co-supervisor (if applicable)

  • supervisory committee

The supervisor oversees your research. He must be a permanent member of ULB academic staff and hold the title of doctor obtained through the defence of a thesis. The supervisor may not be retired.

A co-supervisor may also play a role in managing the thesis. He must be a member of ULB academic staff, a permanent member of staff at another higher education institution or a permanent member of staff at a research institute. They may also be a permanent member of staff at an organisation with which ULB has signed an agreement for the co-supervision of a doctoral thesis (agreement template ENword or agreement template FRword).

The supervisory committee comprises your thesis supervisor, your co-supervisor (if any) and at least two more members of a university’s academic staff. Two members of the committee must be members of your Faculty. This committee must be appointed when you enrol for the first time.

For theses in Art and Art Sciences, the supervisory committee comprises the supervisor (ULB), co-supervisor (Art College), at least one member of an Art College associated with the Arts and Science of Art Graduate College, and at least one member of the academic staff of the Faculty where you will complete your thesis, who will chair your supervisory committee.

It is the supervisory committee that sets your doctoral training programme.

The supervisory committee gives its opinion on your re-enrolment for the PhD every year. This is why you must meet the committee at least once a year to present the progress you have made in your research. In many cases, the supervisory committee also gives its opinion about whether the thesis can be submitted.

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