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Chimie-physique [Physical Chemistry Dept A.S. - Microgravity Research Center] (MRC)


Heat Transfer Prodex [Heat Transfer Prodex]
Heat Transfer [Heat Transfer is an ubiquitous phenomena found in many industrial applications. In some applications like electronic cooling it has become the limiting factor dictating further development. Boiling, evaporation and condensation are used in many engineering fields and, particularly, in space applications. Experimental and theoretical study of various physical phenomena in fluids in the vicinity of the contact line on simple and complex substrates is very important in view of space exploration and the micro-cooling, micro-fluidic devices.We at MRC-ULB are performing work on Loop Heat Pipes for terrestrial and aerospace application. Loop Heat Pipes are passive heat transfer devices able to transfer heat over very long distances (up to 10-15m) with small temperature differences. They have been conceived for space application in the late 70's but are being applied to terrestrial application as well.We are also looking at condensation problems on curvilinear surfaces for application inside advanced heat exchangers with enhanced surfaces.The evaporation of self-rewetting fluids is another strand of research at MRC-ULB. Self-rewetting fluids are mixtures that exhibit an increasing surface tension with temperature and concentration. Since in the course of liquid/vapour phase change, self-rewetting fluids behaviour induces a rather strong liquid inflow (caused by both temperature and concentration gradients) from the cold region (where liquid condensates) to the hot evaporator region, several interesting applications may be envisaged, e.g. the development of advanced wickless heat pipes for utilization in reduced gravity environments.]

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Mécanique des fluides Physique de l'état condense [struct., propr. thermiques, etc.] Rayonnement cohérent et holographie

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