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Etude et mise au point de dispositif de condensation pour la microgravité. [MAP Condensation (ENCOM-2) is a European Space Agency founded project involving 13 partners (9 academics and 4 industrial) with a budget of over 2m Euro spread over 3 years (2011-2014). ENCOM-2 looks at condensation of liquids (pure and mixtures) on external surfaces, convective condensation inside tubes, and inside heat pipes. ENCOM-2 also looks at the spreading of liquid drops on inclined surfaces.We at MRC-ULB are looking at condensation on curvilinear external surfaces of HFE-7100, measuring the condensate liquid thickness and evaluating the heat transfer coefficient if such advanced fin surfaces. Ground experiments are being carried out on a condensation test cell which will also be used for a parabolic flight campaign with the European Space Agency in May-June 2013.We are also building a test cell using sintered wicks heat pipes with transparent glass tubes which will allow for the first time to unveil the evaporation but especially the condensation phenomena taking place. This research topic is being carried out in collaboration with the university of Bergamo in Italy. This work is of paramount importance for electronic cooling, power electronic (IGBT) cooling, power plant cooling, etc.We will shortly be building a test rig to investigate convective condensation inside mini tubes using pure liquids. In particular we will investigate the effect of surface roughness and of monolayers on the condensation process. This work is in collaboration with the university of Mons in Belgium, LAPLACE in France, and the University of Padova in Italy.]



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Instrumentation et méthodes en physique Mécanique des fluides Physique de l'état condense [struct., propr. thermiques, etc.]