ARC "COmputational, PHYsical and MAthematical approaches to complexity (COPHYMA)"

The notion of complexity was originally defined as a mathematical concept, regardless of its practical relevance. With the advent of computers, it soon became a fundamental notion in order to measure the resources (e.g. the number of queries, the amount of communication, the computational depth, etc.) associated with an actual computational task. More recently, it also became a topic of intensive investigation in quantum information sciences, an emerging field centered on the notion of quantum computer - a system exploiting quantum coherence in order to compute, thereby making the link with physics. The thrust of this multidisciplinary project is to postulate that the fruitful connections between these mathematical, computational, and physical approaches to complexity should be further exploited.

This project is coordinated by the Centre for Quantum Information and Communication, QuIC - Nicolas Cerf, Jérémie Roland - Ecole Polytechnique de Bruxelles and involves the Algorithms Research Group - J. Cardinal, S. Langerman - and the Discrete Mathematics Group - S. Fiorini -.

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