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Welcome to the official web site of the Commission of Volcanic lakes (CVL).

The CVL Commission is part of the IAVCEI (International Association of Volcanology and Chemistry of the Earth's Interior).


***HOT NEWS***

8th Workshop on Volcanic Lakes (Japan)

July 25 - 31, 2013

with exciting field trips to several active lakes: Aso, Kirishima, Noboribetsu and Usu volcanoes



Abstract deadline EXTENDED!!: 07 May 2013


Click here for detailed information and scientific program

Registration : 1th May 2013 ( on IAVCEI 2013 web page, http://www.iavcei2013.com/)


***HOT NEWS***



The most secret aspects of the Science of Volcanic Lakes will be revealed during the Symposium 3-10: Active CraterLakes







Hot spots from the July 18 (2012) eruption in Kermadec arc






The 2011 CVL Newsletter is just released (May 2011) with a bunch of information about past, present and future activities of CVL members.







- Lava flows into Segara Anak lake, Rinjani volcano (Lombok, Indonesia) August 29, 2009
- Kelud volcano (Java, Indonesia) is showing many signs of unrest since July 2007. September 29, 2007
Nov. 10, 2006
March 4, 2006
- New eruption (started November 27, 2005) within Lake Voui, Aoba volcano, Vanuatu. updated Feb15, 2007

- International Seminar AASPP-Misasa. Magmatic gases, their trip from the mantle to the surface of the Earth. 27 February, 2006, Misasa, Japan

Nov. 19, 2005
- A special JVGR issue on ‘Volcanic Lakes and Environmental Impacts of Volcanic Fluids’ Nov. 15, 2005

- Scientific programme, travel information and meeting costs of the 6th CVL workshop(pdf document 333kb)

August 25, 2004
- Session and field workshop on Volcanic Lakes. IAVCEI meeting, Chile, November 2004 September 15, 2004
- Current status of lakes Nyos and Monoun by Minoru Kusakabe (pdf document 273Kb) May 12, 2004


The use of Satellite Data to retrieve temperatures from Volcanic Lakes New 18 Nov.2005
Role of the CVL Commission in Volcanology and IAVCEI
A brief historical account of the CVL Commission
Recent activities of the CVL Commission
Other sites related to Crater lake studies
Some fundamentals about Crater lakes
IAVCEI home page (links to other IAVCEI Commissions)




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