Deanna C. Hooper

Office: 2.N.7.217
Phone: +32 2 650 5565
Email: deanna.hooper AT
Website: CupOfCosmology
Pronouns: she/her (Why am I listing my pronouns? Read about it here (pronouns in general) or here (pronouns at work).)

Research interests:
I am currently working on constraining non-cold Dark Matter models (Interacting Dark Matter, FIMPs, ...) with different cosmological probes (Lyman-alpha, CMB anisotropies, Spectral Distortions, ... ). Also very interested in the different cosmological tensions and their possible solutions.
In the past I have worked on neutrino mass forecasts, BAO and BBN measurements, and different inflationary potentials.
Active contributor to CLASS and MontePython codes.

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