The International Solvay Institutes present the

4th Modave Summer School in Mathematical Physics


We are glad to announce the fourth edition of the Modave Summer School in Mathematical Physics. It will take place from the 1th to the 5th of September 2008.
The school is organised by young PhD students and Post-docs of the Service de physique théorique et mathématique of the ULB, the Theoretical Particle Physics Group of the VUB,  the Institute for Theoretical Physics of the KUL and the Service de physique théorique et mathématique of the Université de Mons-Hainaut.

The main goal of the school is to study mathematical tools useful for research in theoretical physics of fundamental interactions, generally supposed to be known but too seldom explained in details.
The summer school will consist of about 6 hours of lectures a day, during the morning and in the late afternoon. The participants who wish to may give a short presentation on their work (10-15 min). The lectures will be given in English. The atmosphere should be informal and relaxed, so as to encourage the participants to interact with the speakers, who are also young researchers. As the level of the average participant is not known, the courses are supposed to begin with the basics, be synthetic and self-contained. Reference books will also be placed at the disposal of everyone. The major part of the afternoon is left free, in order to allow spontaneous discussions and/or meetings for questions and answers in connection with the morning's courses. Pastoral walks, cultural visits and sport activities are also possible in the afternoon.


The proposed lectures are:

* Toric geometry and applications to AdS/CFT, Cyril Closset and  Stanislav Kuperstein [ULB, Brussels] (6h)

* Symmetric spaces and applications to black holes physics, Bert Vercnocke and Walter Van Herck [KUL, Leuven] (4h)

* Vertex operator algebras, Christophe Nozaradan [UCL, Louvain-la-Neuve] (4h)

* Phases of higher dimensional black holes, Térence Delsate [UMH, Mons] (3h)

* Generalized complex geometry, Paul Koerber [Max-Planck Institut, Munich] (4h)

* Equivariant cohomology and localization techniques, with applications, Michele Cirafici [Utrecht University, Utrecht] (6h)

* Instanton effects in string theory, Christoffer Petersson [Chalmers University, Gothenburg] (3h)

  Lectures notes as well as necessary qualifications are being updated as they are provided to us by lecturers.

Tentative Schedule


9am 10am 11am: Break 11.15am 12.15am
Monday 1/9 Toric geom &,,, Toric geom &,,,
Tuesday 2/9 Sym space & BH Sym space & BH
Toric geom &,,, VOA
Wednesday 3/9 Hgh dim BH Toric geom &,,,
Gen Cplx geom Gen Cplx geom
Thursday 4/9 Instantons in ST Instantons in ST
Toric geom &,,, Toric geom &,,,
Friday 5/9 Hgh dim BH Hgh dim BH
Equ cohm &,,, Equ cohm &,,,


1pm: Lunch etc. Free afternoon 5pm 6pm 7pm: Dinner
Monday 1/9

Gen Cplx geom Gen Cplx geom
Tuesday 2/9

Equ cohm &,,, Equ cohm &,,,
Wednesday 3/9

Instantons in ST VOA
Thursday 4/9

Equ cohm &,,, Equ cohm &,,,
Friday 5/9

Sym space & BH Sym space & BH

                                              Toric geom &,,,                 =  Toric geometry and applications to AdS/CFT                          (Cyril Closset and  Stanislav Kuperstein)
                                              VOA                                 =  Vertex operator algebras                                                         (Christophe Nozaradan)
                                              Sym space & BH               =  Symmetric spaces and applications to black holes physics        (Bert Vercnocke and Walter Van Herck)
                                              Hgh dim BH                      =  Phases of higher dimensional black holes                                  (Térence Delsate)
                                              Gen Cplx geom                  = Generalized complex geometry                                                 (Paul Koerber)
                                              Instantons in ST                  =  Instanton effects in string theory                                               (Christoffer Petersson)


The registration fee covering the accomodation and the meals amounts to 270€.
For registration, send an e-mail to, with Subject: "Registration Modave+ first name + last name", mentioning your name, university, your mail adress, your food requierements (vegetarian etc.), and possibly general remarks, a subject for a talk if you wish to give one,  etc.

The deadline for the payment is May 30 2008.
The payment should be made on the account of the International Solvay Institutes, the number of which is 210-0416482-16.
For european payments, the following informations are also needed (in order for the payment to be free of additionnal charges):
IBAN:  BE72 2100 4164 8216             BIC: GEBABEBB
We ask you to add as a communication: Registration for Modave Summer School + first name + last name.


Practical information

The summer school will take place in Modave, in the center "Les Cent Fontaines", located in Belgium at the border between the Condroz and the Ardennes.

Arrival time: Sunday 31/08/2008 from 16pm.
Departure: Saterday 06/09/2008 before 14pm.

Modave is not very accessible, the simplest solution is to take the train to HUY ( or ), from where we will organize a shuttle. Let us know when you arrive in Huy. Directions for drivers can be found here.
Sheets are not available, so it is necessary to bring a sleeping bag or sheets, as well as pillowcases. One should also bring his towels, soap,...

: Cyril Closset

Organizing committee: Cyril Closset, Térence Delsate, Frederik De Roo, Ella Jamsin, Daniel Persson, Walter Van Herck, Bert Vercnocke, Vincent Wens