General Framework

The group has a long term interest in the theoretical description of the fundamental interactions (gravity, strong nuclear force, electroweak force) and their unification.

At the heart of this quest lies the idea that the universe is mathematically intelligible and that its fundamental physical description possesses compelling beauty, simplicity and elegance.

The concept of symmetry and how it is realized pervades much of the work carried out.

« Philosophy is written in this great book of the Universe which is continually open before our eyes but we cannot read it without having first learnt the language and the characters in which it is written. It is written in the language of mathematics and the characters are triangles, circles and other geometrical shapes without the means of which it is humanly impossible to decipher a single word; without which we are wandering in vain through a dark labyrinth. » Galileo Galilei, Il Saggiatore (1623)


Gauge theories, Supersymmetric quantum field theory, Instantons, Gauge theories at strong coupling, Confinement, mass gap, chiral symmetry breaking

General relativity and supergravity, Spacetime structure, Black holes, Global, asymptotic and thermodynamic properties of black holes, Quantum gravity, Quantum field theory in curved spacetime, Three dimensional gravity, Conformal field theory and black hole entropy, Entanglement entropy, Theories of random surfaces and two-dimensional quantum gravity


String theory, D-branes, M-theory, F-theory, Tachyon condensation

Dualities, Holography, Gauge/gravity duality, ADS/CFT correspondence, Kerr/CFT correspondence, Non-AdS holography

Mathematical physics, Infinite-dimensional Lie algebras, Algebraic geometry, Constrained Hamiltonian systems, Quantization methods, BRST symmetry, BFV and BV formalism

Some representative publications :

Riccardo Argurio:

R. Argurio, F. Englert, L. Houart – « Intersection rules for p-branes », Phys. Lett. B398 (1997) 61-68.

R. Argurio, M. Bertolini, S. Franco, S. Kachru – « Gauge/gravity duality and meta-stable dynamical supersymmetry breaking », JHEP 0701 (2007) 083.

Glenn Barnich:

G. Barnich, F. Brandt – « Covariant theory of asymptotic symmetries, conservation laws and central charges », Nucl. Phys. B633 (2002) 3-82.

G. Barnich, C. Troessaert – « Aspects of the BMS/CFT correspondence », JHEP 1005 (2010) 062.

Andrés Collinucci:

A. Collinucci – « New F-theory lifts », JHEP 0908 (2009) 076.

A. Collinucci, F. Denef, M. Esole – « D-brane Deconstructions in IIB Orientifolds », JHEP 0902 (2009) 005.

Geoffrey Compère:

G. Compère – « The Kerr/CFT correspondence and its extensions : a comprehensive review », Living Rev. Rel. 15 (2012) 11.

D. D. K. Chow, G. Compère – « Seed for general rotating non extremal black holes of N=8 supergravity », arXiv :1310.1925.

Stéphane Detournay:

S. Detournay, T. Hartman, D. M. Hofman – « Warped Conformal Field Theory », Phys.Rev. D86 (2012) 124018.

A. Bagchi, S. Detournay, D. Grumiller – « Flat-Space Chiral Gravity », Phys. Rev. Lett. 109 (2012) 151301.

Frank Ferrari:

A. Bilal, F. Ferrari – « Multi-Loop Zeta Function Regularization and Spectral Cutoff in Curved Spacetime », arXiv:1307.1689, Nucl. Phys. B (to appear).

F. Ferrari – « Gauge Theories, D-Branes and Holography », arXiv:1310.6788.

Marc Henneaux:

F. Englert, M. Henneaux et L. Houart – « From very-extended to overextended gravity and M-theories », JHEP 0502 (2005) 070.

A. Gomberoff, M. Henneaux, C. Teitelboim et F. Wilczek – « Thermal decay of the cosmological constant into black holes », Phys.Rev. D69 (2004) 083520.

Laurent Houart :

F. Englert, L. Houart, A. Kleinschmidt, H. Nicolai – « An E(9) multiplet of BPS states », JHEP 0705 (2007) 065.

F. Englert, L. Houart, A. Taormina, P. West – « The Symmetry of M theories », JHEP 0309 (2003) 020.

Detailed information on publications of the group can be found here or on the pages of the group members "Physique Mathématique des Interactions fondamentales".