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  • Didier Gonze, together with Karoline Faust and Leo Lahti, organize a Summer School on "Microbial Community Modeling" in September 2019 in Leuven (see details here).

  • Marcelle Kaufman and Denis Thieffry edited a special issue in honor of René Thomas in JTB (2019): "Regulatory circuits: from living systems to hyper-chaos - A special issue dedicated to the memory of René Thomas": Journal of Theoretical Biology (special issue).

  • Benjamin Wacquier successfully defended his PhD thesis in September, 2018. Congratulation Benjamin!

  • Albert Goldbeter published a new edition of his book "Au coeur des rythmes du vivant. La vie oscillatoire" (nouvelle édition revue et augmentée, 416 pages, Ed. Odile Jacob, Paris, 2018).

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  • We are organizing a Solvay workshop on "Dynamics of biological systems: Modelling genetic, signalling and microbial networks" on May 2-4, 2018 (more infomation here).

  • Ruqiang Zhang (Nanjing University) joined the lab in September 2017 as a visiting PhD student. Welcome Ruqiang!

  • Didier Gonze, together with Karoline Faust and Leo Lahti, organized a Summer School on "Ecological Network Inference and Analysis" in September 2017 in Leuven (details here).

  • Joëlle De Caluwé successfully defended her PhD thesis in May 2017. Congratulation Joëlle!

  • Geneviève Dupont, together with Martin Falcke, Vivien Kirk and James Sneyd, published "Models of Calcium Signalling" (Springer, 2016)

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