Official Documents published by the Greffe of the University

The GREFFE is a unit working at the core of the decisional process of the ULB. Its main missions are the preparation, management and follow-up of the monthly meetings of the ULB participative organs (Plenary Assembly, Management Board, Academic Board, financial committee, union committee, IT committee, etc.).

On this site, the GREFFE takes care of the publication of all official documents pertaining to the University (Status, regulations, etc.), including the composition of the participative organs (“instances participatives”).

The GREFFE also ensures the redaction of the yearly activity report (“rapport d’activités”) and the publication of vacancies within the academic and scientific bodies.

The GREFFE comprises a documentation team which maintains a database of the discussions, annexes and decisions of the participative organs. This team can be contacted when looking for a particular document.

Last but not least, the GREFFE is in charge of the organisation of the elections of the Rector and of the members of the Plenary Assembly (for all the bodies: students, academic, scientific and administrative personnel).

Any general question about the official documents can be sent to:

Any question relating to the University's elections can be send to:

Contact person :


Chancellerie, Service du Greffe

tel 02 650 6631, fax 02 650 4046,

Campus du Solbosch

ULB CP130, avenue F.D. Roosevelt 50, 1050 Bruxelles

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