Presentation of the Université libre de Bruxelles
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High teaching standards

The Université libre de Bruxelles has 13 faculties, schools and specialized institutes that cover all the disciplines, closely combining academic input and research. It offers almost 40 undergraduate programmes and 250 graduate programmes. It also partners 20 Doctoral schools, with almost 1,600 PhD in progress.

Some of our Master programmes focus on transdisciplinarity, whilst others place more emphasis on international relations through European Masters degrees, or on multilingualism. We have also been working in close collaboration with the VUB (Vrije Universiteit Brussel - Brussels Flemish-speaking university) for a number of years.

In the field of health, in addition to the Erasme teaching hospital, the University works closely with an extensive network of hospitals around Belgium.

One of the University's main aims is to give its students a solid foundation in critical thinking as well as a taste for research, while at the same time catering to the needs of new publics.

Executive education programmes and courses with specially adapted hours for working professionals are offered alongside more traditional programmes and courses involving cutting-edge research.

Humanism, individual responsibility...

"The Université libre de Bruxelles bases its teaching and research on the principle of free inquiry. This postulates, in all domains, independence of judgement and the rejection of an authority-based conception of knowledge." (1st article of the statutes of ULB).

One specific feature of ULB's teaching is to offer students their personal freedom while also providing them with the necessary support. It is up to the students themselves to take advantage of the opportunities and the numerous forms of support which are available to them : the University is thus a school of responsibility.

... and innovation

The most striking innovations have been introduced at postgraduate level. These programmes, some of which are taught during the evening and on weekends, are aimed in particular at working adults, and are based either on newly emerging social and economic needs (euromarketing, corporate governance, etc), or on advanced research (aesthetics and the philosophy of art, the philosophy of science, bioinformatics, etc). New and innovatory courses of this nature build themselves on ULB's long-standing tradition of ULB while developing it further in new directions.

ULB offers a full range of academic programmes, organising its teaching through 13 Faculties, Schools and Institutes.

Each year, on the November 20th, the students make their way to the centre of Brussels in a colourful procession to commemorate the founding of the University.

Sport and culture play an important role in student's personal development. The University offers its students a range of facilities which allow them to combine study and leisure.

ULB bases its teaching and research on the principle of free inquiry. This principle is enshrined in the University's statutes and postulates independance of judgement and the rejection of an authority-based view of knowledge.