Presentation of the Université libre de Bruxelles
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The Université libre de Bruxelles and health: a major community service

Health teaching, research and services to the community are three essential and complementary areas which our University is involved in and which it is continuously striving to develop further.

ULB is very concerned with the future of its hospitals and with ensuring that they operate effectively. It is associated with the university hospital centres (CHU) of Saint-Pierre and Brugmann, the Queen Fabiola University Hospital for Children and the Bordet Institute. The latter is also an important cancer research and treatment centre and its activities are constantly evolving.

ULB's teaching hospital, the Hôpital Erasme, opened its doors in 1977. Today it has nearly 900 beds and a polyclinic section including a day unit. It is organised around medical-surgical units which mainly cover adult pathologies. Erasme has attained new levels of quality which has placed it among the top-tier of European hospitals.

In addition to its beds in University hospitals in the Brussels Region, the University has 200 beds located in several hospitals in the Hainaut region. These institutions round out ULB's clinical teaching and research network. They provide a training ground with several thousand beds for our medical students.

ULB opened its own University Hospital, Erasmus Hospital, in 1977. With a capacity of 900 beds and a general medecine section that includes an outpatient clinic.