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Registration of external collaborators and visitors at the VUB
[id: 290] [21/05/2019]

[id: 324] [05/05/2019]

Creating a survey for VUB researchers and students
[id: 434] [25/04/2019]

Configure an iPhone or iPad for consulting email
[id: 398] [05/04/2019]

Creating a personal homepage (web) at VUB/ULB
[id: 167] [27/03/2019]

Planned internet maintenance on Sunday 27/01/2019 from 10h00 until 15h00
[id: 283] [23/01/2019]

Roundcube Webmail
[id: 433] [30/08/2018]

Network interruptions building E campus Jette Thursday 7 June
[id: 280] [06/06/2018]

Centralized password management at the University
[id: 114] [29/05/2018]

Creating an account for Calculation and Development on Hydra
[id: 227] [29/05/2018]

Hydra - the HPC cluster at the Shared ICT Services Centre
Temporary loss of the Hydra storage on Wednesday October 18th
Shared ICT Services Centre VUB/ULB
Scheduled maintenance of ULB backbone routers on Friday 25/05
Office 365 Collaboration and Communication portal at the VUB
Virus alert 4 October - Invoice requests with vub.be referrals
ICT-Helpdesk deploys new tool to handle enduser questions: Service Now
Campus access with registration of license plates
Pure: VUB research database
Changing your details in the online VUB telephone book
Computer rooms at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Setting up Mail in Mac OS X v10.5+
Setting up Apple Mail for VUB Office 365
The anti-spam systems used by the university
Viewing "mailheaders" of email messages
Large format printing at the Computing Centre
Email addresses for external collaborators and visitors at the ULB
Known issues with OneDrive
Protect your computer with anti-virus software
What happens with your email address when you leave the university
My account at the university is suspended
Windows 10: (When) Will VUB Upgrade?
A new storage solution for HYDRA was deployed on June 1st
Keeping your Mailbox to a reasonable size
Lifecycle of a "NetID"
Archiving email to a local computer or Gmail
Checking your mailquota
Communicating with groups of students
Wireless network inside the buildings at the VUB
Accessing your university email
Incoming and outgoing mailservers at the university
Automatically forward your email to another address
Setting a Vacation message for your email with Roundcube Webmail
Software Site licenses at the VUB
Online admission at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Logging into the VUB Admission application
VUB Course Evaluation Survey
Beware of phishing emails!
Activation of a VUB/ULB Network Identity and Emailaddress
Email configuration for Outlook 2010/2007
VUB Exam results now available in the Student SelfService
Keyboard in VDI has switched to QWERTY/AZERTY
"Heartbleed" bug compromises secure websites
How to protect your computer from harm
Internet Explorer remembers passwords
SAS Statistical Software
Distance Learning Platform PointCarré
Put away unsolicited email (SPAM)
Software that can harm your computer: spyware and ad-ware
Solving the winmail.dat file problem
Loosing email messages
A VUB NetID and email address for inter-university students
Frequently Asked Questions about the Large Format Plotter
Having your VUB or ULB email address removed
Protecting your webpages with a password
Connect a computer to the VUB network
Request an IP address or a DNS name at the VUB
No network access/sending email to unregistered computers and/or programs
Modifying files on the Z-drive with FTP
Eduroam and how to connect to it for the VUB/ULB
The difference between managing your email with POP and IMAP
About WebNotes
Exchanging files using Anonymous FTP
Filter unwanted messages (spam) in Mac Mail
Setting up Mail in Mac OS X v10.4 Tiger
Looking up the IP address of a computer
Emailconfiguration for Outlook 2003
Refusing large email attachments
Access your files on the Z-drive
Diskspace you have on your account
Connecting to a remote computer in a secure way
How to Filter unsolicited email (SPAM) in Outlook ?
Gaussian software available at VUB/ULB
VNC access from outside VUB/ULB currently disabled
HP Campus Software Program for Tru64 Unix and OpenVMS
Personal Firewall Software for Windows
Emails with Windows executable programs are refused
McAfee's Access Protection prevents mass-mailings
How to determine the Operating System of your computer
Map the Z-drive on your local computer
Problems installing McAfee
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