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The VUB/ULB has a site-license for the McAfee anti-virus products for Windows and Apple computers so that every member of personnel and students having a studentroom from the VUB/ULB can download and install this software to protect their computer from viruses.

Because of the higher grade of protection one gets with this software, we strongly suggest to install this software on all computers that are connected to the university's computer network.

All information and download instructions are available on the softweb website


Incompatibility McAfee and Windows 10 Anniversary Update solved

We had been informed in the beginning of August 2016 that several Intel Security (McAfee) products were NOT compatible with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. Users running McAfee on their system were advised NOT install or upgrade to the Windows 10 Anniversary Update at that time.

These problems were fixed in the meantime.

All details about affected products and delaying Windows updates can be found on


Peter Van Rossem - helpdesk@vub.ac.be

Do NOT install VirusScan for Mac 8.6.1 on a system with MacOS 10.6 or later.
Peter Van Rossem - 8 Nov 2011


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