Wireless network inside the buildings at the VUB

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In many public indoors locations - amonst which the library, the CSB and the various "Student Cafés" - you will find two Wireless networks: VUBnet or VUBnext, and Eduroam.

The wireless networks VUBnet and Eduraom are encrypted using WPA2 encryption. When using this wireless network, all your network traffic will be encrypted, which allows you to use all the VUB online services in a safe way. It does require that your computer or wireless device supports WPA2 encryption.

To log on onto the VUBnet wireless network, you need a VUB NetID and password.

To log on onto the Eduroam wireless network you need an Eduroam identity. Members of an institution that is part of the Eduroam network have such an identity. You log on onto the Eduroam wireless network using your Eduroam identity and the corresponding password.

The Eduroam identity for VUB members is NetID@vub.ac.be The password is the same as the one of the VUB NetID and e-mail address.

Full details on how to configure your device for wireless access can be found on the VUBnet homepage for Wireless Access (see Links below).

What is VUBnext?

VUBnext is the name that was chosen for the implementation of the new wireless network at the university. The configuration parameters are the same as the old VUBnet wireless network. Because the new network uses new technology, introducing a new name was necessary.

Warning for Windows 10 Threshold 2 users

Windows 10 Threshold 2 includes a new feature that makes it incompatible with the VUBnext setup. A temporary workaround can be found on the VUBnet homepage for Wireless Access (see Links below).

Thomas Jannes

The Urbizone wireless network is no longer available on the VUB/ULB campuses since September 1st 2014 as the project was canceled by the Brussels Regional Informatics Centre (BRIC).


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