FTP programs for transferring files between computers

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FTP is a method to transfer files over the Internet from one computer to another. For this you need a FTP client on your computer, i.e for uploading your local webpages on a webserver.

FTP uses the so-called client/server model. On one side, there is the customer - you - and on the other side there is a server, on which files are stored.

If one wishes to store or retrieve files to/from a server, simply start your FTP program, and specify the hostname of the server, and a username and password. Once you have logged on successfully, you will be able to browse through the files and directories on the remote server, and upload and download files.

FTP Clients for Windows

Different commercial programs exist for Windows. We suggest to use the public domain FileZilla, a fast and reliable FTP client and server with lots of useful features and an intuitive interface.

You can also use Windows Explorer to upload or download files. Enter an address of the form ftp://username@servername.domain and enter your password on that server to logon. Then you can drag files on your local computer to/from the server. Example:


FTP Clients for MacOS X

For MacOS you can use Fetch. A license key for ULB/VUB community is available via softweb.vub.ac.be

Web Editors

Most Web Publishing programs like Dreamweaver include FTP functionality within the program. So you do not need to install additional software.

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