Deleting messages from the 'Outbox' in Outlook

[id : 224] [08/02/2006] [hits : 12234]

If, while sending a message from Outlook, the mailserver systematically refuses to accept the message, it may get stuck in Outlook's Outbox and you may have a difficult time to remove it from the Outbox. You can try to delete the message by taking Outlook offline.

To take Outlook offline and delete the message from the Outbox:

1. click on the File menu and click Work Offline (you may have to expand the File menu to be able to choose this option)
2. double-click the Outbox in the Folder list to open it...
3. ... and delete the message(s) you do not wish to send

If Outlook complains that the message cannot be deleted because it is in use by Outlook, wait until you get the error message that Outlook encountered a problem to send the message. Then verify that Outlook is offline and try to delete the message again.

Peter Van Rossem - helpdesk@vub.ac.be


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