Configure an iPhone or iPad for consulting email

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You can consult your mailbox on the university's mailserver with an iPhone or iPad by configuring an account and specifying the servers of the university.

Read me first

Only follow this procedure if you manage your mailbox on the vub.ac.be or ulb.ac.be mailserver.
If you manage your mailbox in Office 365 (vub.be or ulb.be), please see the Links at the bottom of this article for instructions for Office 365.

Creating a new account

- open the Settings app
- select Mail, Contacts, Calenders
- tap Add Account...
- choose Other
- tap Add Mail Account

Next enter your Name, Email, Password and a Description identifying this account.

You have to fill in a password, but it doesn't have to be the correct one if you prefer that the app does not remember your password.
Then proceed as indicated in Configuring the account further below.

Modifying an existing account

- open the Settings app
- select Mail, Contacts, Calenders
- tap the name of an existing account
- tap the Account

and proceed to Configuring the account below.

Configuring the account

Make sure to leave the setting on IMAP and configure the servers as follows.

Incoming Mail Server

Hostname: imap.vub.ac.be or imap.ulb.ac.be
Username: your login at the university (NetID)
Password: leave as is

Outgoing Mail Server

Hostname: smtp.vub.ac.be or smtp.ulb.ac.be
Username: your login at the university (NetID)
Password: leave as is

Then tap Next (upper right corner) to continue.

If you get an error Cannot verify Server Identity, you can ignore it and just Continue (you can tap on Details for more details about the identity, and then tap Accept to accept this exception).

If you entered a bogus password, the program will complain that mail cannot be retrieved or sent. This is normal. Just tap OK to continue and tap Next (upper right corner) again to proceed and Save.

If you did not enter a bogus password but the program complains that mail cannot be retrieved or sent, make sure you have entered the correct password and login credentials. Tap on Edit to correct the settings or password.

Your account should now be set up.

An additional note

As you have set up an IMAP account for your device, deleting a message in your Mail app on the device will delete it from your mailbox. It should be moved to the Trash on your device, or in the "Deleted Messages" folder if you look on the server (e.g. with Webmail).

Peter Van Rossem - helpdesk@vub.ac.be

The instructions above are not applicable if one has a mailbox on a Microsoft Exchange server.


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