Understand the notion of user account ("NetID")

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The notion of user account ("NetID")

For any status, all agents, professors, teacher-researchers or researchers, students enrolled for the current academic year, or students having been enrolled in the University, any person under contract with the University or temporarily employed by the University, host or invitee, is entitled to an account, allowing access to the IT resources offered by the University.

1 The establishment of the user account (NetID)

1.1 The activation of user account (NetID) brings forth:

- certain rights related to the activity of the agent within the University.
- certain rules and regulations described in the "User charter for the ULB Network and Website"

Web use:

1.2 The uses of the "NetID":

The " NetID " = "Network IDentity" together with the corresponding password allows the authentication of the user on various secured services.
It is used for, but not only, the following services:

- an ULB email address such as: "...@ulb.ac.be ".
- access to the ULB network (wired and WiFi).
- access to "monULB".
- access to the Virtual University ("UV").
- access to the classroom and timetable management service ("gehol").
- access to IT rooms.
- access to Intranet.
-... etc.

- support@ulb.ac.be


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