The "NetID" password

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Your password is personal and should be kept as such. Never communicate it to anyone, not even to University staff.

4.1 Terms of use

For obvious security reasons, your password will not be show in the final review of your activation process. You will have to directly memorise it. Keep in mind that your password is personal and should be kept as such. Never communicate it to anyone, not even to University staff.

Your password is the key to all your access rights, and therefore, every individual responsible for an account must ensure it's security and take all the necessaries steps in keeping the password confidential. The use of your account by any other individual would ultimately rely on the responsibility of the owner.

Please note that any oversight of those security measures would seriously compromise the other members of the ULB/VUB university community.

4.2 Creating your password

Make sure you follow the following password rules carefully::

- Maximum 8 characters (and at least 7)
- At least one uppercase letter " A-Z " (no accents allowed)
- At least one lowercase letter " a-z " (no accents allowed)
- At least one digit " 0-9 "
- At least one one special character from the following list:
! $ \ % ^ & * ( ) _ + - = ;,. / < > ?

- No spaces,
- No special characters other than those specified in the previous list
- Your password may not contain your birthday, name or surname
- Your password may not be a word found in a dictionary
- Your password may not be your NetID, or the inverse of your NetID

Make sure you do not confuse the following characters (as they seem identical):

0 (number "zero") with O (uppercase letter "o") et I (lowercase letter "i"), 1 et l (lowercase letter "L").

4.2.1 For your own security and data protection

We recommend:
- Strictly follow the password rules,
- Never communicate your password to anyone.

Please find hereby some basic password creation rules:
How to create a tough password? ?
Webnotes ULB/VUB

4.3 Resetting your password

You may reset the password of your account yourself via the following website:

"PAM"- "Personal Account Manager"
Click on the "Lost your password or NetID ?" link

Your administrative data is required:

How to obtain an user account ("NetID")
Webnotes ULB/VUB

In case of error or if you do not have your administrative data, please contact the following services according to your category:

4.3.1 Students:

"Service des Inscriptions" - "SI"

supportEE@ulb.ac.be (Support Studies & Students)

4.3.2 Staff members:

"Département des Ressources Humaines" - "DRH"


- support@ulb.ac.be


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